I had a lot of fun making this girl baby shower cake for my best friend’s baby shower.

Girl Baby Shower Cake Directions

  • I formed all the little farm animals and the scarecrow out of the decorator preferred fondant about three days in advance so they would have time to dry a little.
  • For the barn I made rice cereal treats in an eight inch square pan and let them set up overnight.
  • Then, I cut the barn shape out of paper and placed it on top of them and cut it out. It worked very nicely.
  • Next, I rolled out the pink fondant and cut the pieces out and attached them with butter cream icing.
  • The roof tiles I just freehand cut out and placed them on. Then trimmed them off with scissors.
  • The white trim is just piped icing.
  • After the barn was placed on the cakes (two nine by thirteens), I started placing the animals and scarecrow.
  • I placed the pumpkin by the scarecrow because he kept trying to lean.
  • I freehand cut the sign on the barn out of fondant and painted the lettering on using clear vanilla and gel food coloring.
  • I also painted on the stripes and mouth of the scarecrow.