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Coolest Barn Cake Ideas for a Barnyard Birthday

This barn cake was made for a friend’s daughter and a black fantasy horse. They have horses and chickens and a pig and this stable is just like theirs. I hand carved everything out of fondant and then hand painted. Everything is cake covered in fondant and then hand painted.

Barn Cake
Barn Cake

More Barn Cake Ideas

Cake by Sher H., Russell, Ontario

Barn Cake

For this barn cake I made two 91/2 x 11 rectangles. I trimmed each one and “pasted” them side by side with plain buttercream frosting. I then took some of the scraps and inserted them under the back corner at the top edge of the cake to make a little rise (like a gently sloping hill)… it’s not evident in the photo but really added dimension to the finished cake.

I crumb-coated the whole cake with a medium green (Wilton’s) buttercream. I used a thick writing tip and made loads of individual bits of “grass” (this was the most time consuming part) again in green buttercream. I left one area bare of the grass and filled it in with Oreo cookie crumbs to make a laneway where the tractor was placed. A second area without “grass” was filled with a very runny version of the same frosting and left to harden. This was where the birthday message was later written.

The barn cake was finally topped with a small metal tractor/trailer and some plastic animals from a dollar store. The ‘hay bales’ were made with large marshmallows coated in white frosting and rolled in coconut which I had tinted yellow (Wilton’s colour). I also made a little pile of the ‘hay’ inside the fence where the animals were placed. I finished the edges with another tip (can’t recall which number).

It was quite easy to do and my son and all party guests raved about how lovely it was. Super easy and not expensive to produce a fun cake to go with the party theme!

Cake by Tracy G., Cincinnati, OH

Barn Cake

My Aunt Judy outdid herself for my son Josiah’s 1st birthday party. Since I didn’t make it I can’t share a whole lot of helpful hints but I searched and searched for pictures of a barn cake so I thought it might be helpful for some just to see it.

I do know that the barn cake pan she used only served 14 people and so she made two and put them back to back to create the entire barn.

Barn Cake

Cake by Denise R., Asheville, NC

Barn Cake

I made this cake for a barn themed party. I used the Wilton house cake pan then frosted it red for the barn. The hay on the ground is toasted coconut. For the haystacks I used cupcakes and the Wilton mini dome pan – the dome cakes are the haystacks next to the barn by themselves and the cupcakes have the animals on them. I used a hair/grass tip and yellow frosting to make the hay on the haystacks. And obviously the fisher price animals on the cupcakes. The pigs and sheep in the middle I made out of fondant and butter cream frosting. It was a huge hit for the first time of making cakes.

Cake by Abby B., Kinsley, KS

Barn Cake

What you will need for making cakes is: * White Cake Mix * 2 Loaf Pans * Red and Green Food Coloring * Vanilla Frosting * Oreo Cookies * 1 Pinwheel Cookie * Bag of Coconut * Chocolate Sprinkles * Tube of White Drawing Icing * Farm Animals or other miniature barnyard toys.

I first baked 2 cakes in loaf pans. After they had cooled I cut 1 of the cakes in half and threw away the top half of it. Then with the bottom half of the 1st cake and the entire 2nd cake I stacked them on top of each other and covered them in red frosting.

Then I took the white tube of drawing icing and drew the barn door and windows on the cake. I sprinkled chocolate sprinkles on the roof of the barn. To make the silo I stacked Oreo cookies up and frosted them and then on the very top I placed a “Pinwheel” Cookie.

For the grass I used coconut and colored it with green food coloring and spread it out on a large cookie sheet. Then I sat the barn and silo on the cookie sheet and placed the barn animals next to them to create an adorable Barnyard Cake for my son’s 4th Barnyard Birthday Party! Everyone loved it and it was so simple.

Cake by Beth D., Tulsa, OK

Barn Cake

I made this cake for my 4 year olds horseback riding party at the farm. The girls always want strawberry cake so I did a single sheet for the base and then pound cake for the barn using the 3D house cake pan. I used sugar cookies with a hole in the middle for the silo so I could use dowel rods to help hold them.

The barn has 2 dowel rods as well as a cardboard base. I used nuts for the rocky path and side and pretzels for the fence and animal legs. The sheep are marshmallows. Everything except the plastic horses are edible.

These cakes are fun but very nerve racking to transport. I have a huge very thick cutting board that I use. The kids loved it and the farm owner offered to send people to me for making cakes! Too much work! I only do 2 a year for my kids.

Barn Cake

Cake by Shannon L., Centerville

Barn Cake

The front barn cake is a standard 9×13 sheet cake iced in white buttercream then decorated with Little People toys and fence. The pigs “dirt “ is chocolate icing. The yellow haystacks are cupcakes turned upside down and then iced using the Wilton grass tip. The red barn silo is made with sandwich cookies stuck together with icing then iced over with red icing and topped with a paper-baking cup.

The barn cake is made from a 10×15 cake pan and cut into 4 sections. Layer each section on top of one another with icing in between and the fourth layer trim down to make a roof for the barn. I Iced this cake in red and for the roof I used chocolate icing using the Wilton basket weave tip. The barn doors and windows are made from Graham crackers. This is a very fun and creative barn cake to make.

Cake by Indira C., Panama

Barn Cake

I ordered the base cake in a local supermarket only with the white and yellow icing. I tinted green coconut flakes using food coloring. You need to let the flakes dry, so it’s best if you can do it the day before the party. Put the tinted coconut flakes on the barn cake and decorate with my son’s toys (little people/fisher price). I put some jellybeans in the cart.

Cake by Valerie G., Quebec, Canada

Barn Cake

I made this special barn cake for the 2nd anniversary of my son Alexis. He loves tractors and I wanted to create this barnyard cake for a while now. After seeing a candy truck made of rolled fondant in a Wilton book, I got the idea to do a 3D tractor for my son.

For the cake part, it is very simple since it is only rectangle cake that you cut and assembled to make the shape but the rolled fondant is something else.

For the wheels, I used Oreo cookies covered with rolled fondant also. I put the whole tractor onto a rectangle cardboard and put some blocks under it so it can be elevated and I simply put the cookies beside.

The barn itself is made from the 3D house cake mold. The bundles of hay are 3 small cone cake molds covered with icing with tip #133. The fences are pretzels. The animals are also made of rolled fondant (a sugar paste); the original barn cake in the book shows the animals made of regular cake icing but I wanted them to be more realistic and I inspired myself with “The Little Street Collection” miniatures to do them.

Barn Cake

The only thing though: I forgot to create a bunch of little chicks and a horse head coming out of the principal door. I had so much to do that day making the barn cake! :-)

Barn Cake

Cake by Beverly F., Morrow

Barn Cake

Cake by Tracy T., Soddy Daisy, TN

Barn Cake

For this barn cake I used the Wilton stand-up house pan for the barn and I used cupcakes for the haystacks. I used the grass tip with golden yellow to ice the haystacks. I bought a pack of barnyard animals at Walmart and cut the head off of the cow for the window. I used toasted coconut for the shavings.

Cake by Brooke C., Jackson, MO

Barn Cake

I prepared this barn cake and cupcakes for my son, Eli’s first birthday party. We had an ‘Old MacDonald” theme because we like to change the lyric to that song to “Eli-Eli-Oh” for him! I created both cakes (the barn cake and piggie cupcakes) from one box of golden vanilla cake mix (I added an extra egg and a box of instant French vanilla pudding to the batter to make it more sturdy and moist).

I baked one square cake and 12 cupcakes. For the farm yard scene I used: the barn and characters from the Little People farm set (inspired by another cake on this site) 1 container chocolate whipped frosting, sweetened flake coconut that I tinted green for the grass, and graham cracker crumbs for the road.

I added a little birthday sign (cardstock and toothpick) on the farm, too. We enjoyed these treats after we had a BBQ lunch. We dressed Eli in overalls and a John Deere cap, but stripped him down to a diaper and a red bandana for the cake and ice cream!