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Awesome 3D Homemade Barnyard Birthday Cake

I made this Barnyard Birthday Cake for a friend of mine at work who wanted her granddaughter to have a “Special Barn Cake”. I could have constructed the animals out of fondant but, the grandmother and I agreed she would enjoy playing with the animals,(made of plastic) more after, instead of eating them all up.

The Barn was constructed out of Graham Crackers and Royal Frosting. It was almost like building a gingerbread house except graham crackers break a lot more so I suggest having a whole box available. You can use ginger bread if you like, I personally think Graham Crackers taste better and my children agree also. The barn was painted entirely with thinned royal frosting. But, I piped the trim with different size writing tips. I even made stalls for the child to put some animals inside (the small ones, of course).

The haystack was made out of a single cupcake sculpted and frosted with traditional frosting. All the above were resting on top a double layer marble 1/4 sheet cake with traditional frosting. Cake Serves 30.

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