Coolest Sandcastle Birthday Cake

Homemade Sandcastle Birthday Cake

My soon to be 5 year old daughter came to me one night saying she wanted a castle cake for her pending birthday. After checking this wonderful site I had some great ideas. The next morning the request became a Mermaid Castle cake. A what??? After a bit of thought a sandcastle birthday cake came … Read more

Coolest Sand Castle Wedding Cake

Homemade Sand Castle Wedding Cake

This Sand Castle Wedding Cake you would think would be for a birthday party or some kind of beach themed party. But no, this was a Wedding cake. You may have guessed, it was a beach themed wedding. This cake took me about a day and a half. I am used to making very formal … Read more

Coolest Homemade Sand Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Sand Castle Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a cake that looked like a real sand castle. I used two round cake pans and one 1/2 sheet cake pan. I formed the second and third tiers from the sheet cake. The icing is buttercream and the sand effect was created by crushing graham crackers and vanilla wafers. For the towers, … Read more

Coolest Sandcastle Cake

Homemade Sandcastle Cake

I have twins and we always try to pick a theme they can both be happy with. This year was a Tye-Dye beach theme since we had our first beach vacation earlier in the summer. Because they are twins I like to give them each their own cake, hence two castles connected together. Also gave … Read more

Easy Homemade Sand Castle Birthday Cake with Flags

Homemade Sand Castle Birthday Cake

this Sand Castle Birthday Cake serves 40. This fun in the sun choice tasted like s’mores because of the chocolate cake, marshmallow cream and graham cracker sand. You will need: Various sized circular pans (I used ones I already had to create a design) Box of graham crackers Sugar cones Three chocolate cake mixes One … Read more

Cool Homemade Sandcastle Cake

Coolest Sandcastle Cake

I pulled my ideas for this Sandcastle Cake from other cakes from this site. I baked a 9X13 chocolate cake. Thought if there were crumbs, would be dirt! I also baked a loaf pan with about half of a second chocolate cake mix (made cupcakes to freeze with other half). Let the cakes cool. I … Read more

Coolest Beach Baby Shower Cake

Homemade Beach Baby Shower Cake

The Mommy-to-be loves the beach and she loves chocolate so I made a milk chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and added mini-chocolate chips. I used one box of cake mix divided by a round pan, an oval pan and two mini-round pans to create levels of the sand castle (I used dowels between layers to … Read more