Cool Homemade Sand Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Sandcastle Birthday Cake

We vacation in Carpinteria beach every year and my daughter wanted a beach themed birthday party. So I decided to make her a Sandcastle Birthday Cake. I used 2 boxed cake mixes and split them between 3 round pans. I had a 10 inch spring form, an 8 inch spring form and a 6 inch … Read more

Cool Homemade Sandcastle Birthday Cake

Homemade Sandcastle Birthday Cake

This sandcastle birthday cake and birthday theme was fun to do, the idea came from a family magazine that I was looking at in a doctor’s office, family fun or something like that, and just took the idea and went crazy with it. For invitations, I sent out small beach balls with the time, date, … Read more

Coolest Birthday Cake Decoration Ideas for a Sandcastle Cake 4

I made this sandcastle cake for my husbands birthday party. We had a tropical/beach theme. I had drawn several cakes, but this one just popped! I made two regular yellow cakes (one nine-inch and one eight-inch; both three inches deep). The cake was iced in a butter cream icing. I used rolled fondant which I … Read more

Coolest Sand Castle Cake

Sand Castle Cake

I made this sand castle cake for a little girl’s 10th birthday pool party. I thought this was a great twist on the regular castle cake and it was really fun to do. I baked 3 boxes of cake mixes into: two 8-inch square cakes, two 6-inch rounds, three large cupcakes, and 9 regular cupcakes. … Read more

Coolest Sand Castle Birthday Cake

Homemade Sand Castle Birthday Cake

I made this Sand Castle Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday. She said she wanted a castle cake and I knew she loved the beach… Wallah!! Sand Castle Cake! LOL I honestly do not remember the cake pan sizes I used. I started with a large square cake for the base. Added a smaller … Read more

Cool Homemade Sand Castle Birthday Cake with Ice Cream Cones

Homemade Sand Castle Cake

Here is a sand castle cake I baked for my daughter’s 7th Birthday on a houseboat trip. Not an easy feat being that we were in the middle of the lake. I used a regular store bought white cake mix and a whipped white Frosting. For the “sand” effect I crushed cinnamon graham crackers. I … Read more

Cute Homemade Sand Castle Cake

Homemade Sand Castle Cake

I made this Sand Castle Cake for my mom. Her office was doing a beach themed party so I made a sand castle beach cake. The towers of the sand castle were made out of rice crispy’s and the top of the castle. The beach ball is rice crispy’s covered in fondant and sand pail … Read more