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Cool Homemade Sandcastle Birthday Cake

This sandcastle birthday cake and birthday theme was fun to do, the idea came from a family magazine that I was looking at in a doctor’s office, family fun or something like that, and just took the idea and went crazy with it. For invitations, I sent out small beach balls with the time, date, and whose party it was for written on it. I made beach towels for tablecloths and had shells and starfish scattered everywhere. Shell candles, and large beach balls were everywhere.

For the cake, I used white cake mix out of the box and vanilla wafers for the “sand” that I put in a blender until they were ground as fine as sand, large and small ice-cream cones, and sugar cones some cut in half. White frosting applied on the outside to make the “sand” stick to it. I arranged the towers in places that I thought looked good, also covering them with frosting and “sand” putting frosting on the bottom of the cones so they would stick on the plate, the towers on the cake I used toothpicks stuck into the cone and cake.

Everyone loved it and had a good time.

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