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Cool Homemade Sand Castle Birthday Cake

We vacation in Carpinteria beach every year and my daughter wanted a beach themed birthday party. So I decided to make her a Sandcastle Birthday Cake.

I used 2 boxed cake mixes and split them between 3 round pans. I had a 10 inch spring form, an 8 inch spring form and a 6 inch Corning Ware (I used what I had and it worked). I stacked them together and I layered chocolate canned frosting between the layers and iced the whole outside in white canned frosting.

I was very impatient and did not do a crumb coat. Some of the chocolate and white frosting got a little mixed together but it did not matter this cake is very forgiving. I dumped a whole box of graham crackers in a zip top bag and banged them with a rolling pin to make “sand.” I dumped this on and pushed it into the sides so it looked like sand.

The shells are real shells “glued” on with frosting. Just make sure no one tries to eat them. The castle spires are made with regular ice cream cones topped with mini pointed Ice cream cones (they are held together with frosting and attached with the same). I made little flags with construction paper and toothpicks.

I am all about simple cakes that make my kid say wow! and I got just that.

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