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Coolest Sand Castle Birthday Cake

I made this Sand Castle Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday. She said she wanted a castle cake and I knew she loved the beach… Wallah!! Sand Castle Cake! LOL I honestly do not remember the cake pan sizes I used.

I started with a large square cake for the base. Added a smaller rectangular cake on top of that, set towards the back. I cut and removed a half circle of the square cake to add the stacked round cakes in the front center. I used a small kids beach pail and rice krispie treats to mold the top center piece (behind the pink castle frame).

I also molded the 4 corner turrets out of rice krispie treats. I attached the turrets by slightly cutting the corners off the square cake so that the turrets would sit flush against the cake. Then I inserted tooth picks into the turrets about half way. Then, pressed the turrets into the corners of the cake so that the other half of the tooth picks were in the cake. I also added a little icing for glue. I used boxed cake mixes (butter flavored). All the cakes were filled with a cookies and cream filling (crushed Oreo’s and vanilla pudding). Cakes and rice krispie molds were all iced in cream cheese icing (Wilton recipe). They were topped with a mix of graham cracker crumbs and brown sugar for the sand look.

I sprinkled some sand mix around the base of the cake. Set a few shell shaped Belgian chocolates around the cake. Added her princess figurines and a castle photo frame. I was a little worried about the mixture of flavors I was putting in this cake. I baked a small cake and did a taste test ahead of time to make sure the flavors blended well.

The sand castle look and flavor was a big hit. Anna was very happy with her birthday cake!! You could easily add a mote and drawbridge to this cake using Karo syrup (dyed with blue food coloring), and some graham crackers. I ran out of time.

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  1. Hi there,

    Your cake is so beautiful. I did a trial cake today and I found that the “sand” was difficult to stick on the sides. How did you get such an even coating all throughout your cake?

    Kind regards,


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