Terrific Teddy Bears Picnic Cake

This terrific Teddy Bears Picnic cake was my daughter’s 2nd birthday cake. I’d not had much experience with cake decorating, so I was pretty pleased with the result. I was also pretty pleased with people’s reactions to it at the party! We don’t like our child having too much food coloring,  so we decided this was a … Read more

Coolest Teddy Bears Picnic Cake

Homemade Teddy Bears Picnic Cake

I modelled all the bears on this Teddy Bears Picnic Cake on the actual teddies which belonged to the birthday girl and boy. Everything apart from the trees, the drumsticks and the fishing rods was edible. I started by making four spiced apple cakes then carving them into shape and sticking them together with apricot … Read more

Coolest Teddy Bear’s Picnic Cake

Homemade Teddy Bear's Picnic Cake

I made this Teddy Bear’s Picnic Cake for a three year old boy, but I suppose it would suit many ages and gender. The cake itself was a square vanilla sponge with vanilla butter cream and seedless raspberry jam centre, then I applied a butter cream crumb guard and placed it in the fridge to … Read more

Coolest Teddy Bear Picnic Cake

Homemade Teddy Bear Picnic Cake

I made this Teddy Bear Picnic cake for my 2 year old’s birthday. A friend had seen something similar and sent me a photo so I gave it a go. The cake is a basic circular chocolate cake, which, I then covered in chocolate cream cheese and butter icing and finished with marshmallow fondant icing. … Read more

Cool Homemade Teddy Bear’s Picnic Cake

Homemade Teddy Bear's Picnic Cake

I made this Teddy Bear’s Picnic cake for a friend’s daughter – all she said to me was make sure the cake is chocolate. They both loved it, turns out they both collect teddy bears!! Sadly I didn’t get time to completely finish this, I wanted to put some tree shaped cut outs around the … Read more

Coolest Picnic Table Cake

Picnic Table Cake

This picnic table cake is a cake that I made for a birthday party. Everyone loved it and it was dee-lish!

Coolest Picnic Table Cake

Picnic Cake

I made this picnic table cake for a family camping weekend after seeing similar cakes on this site and other websites. It was my first attempt at this kind of cake. It is a 10″ square cake with chocolate frosting. The picnic blanket is marshmallow fondant – two colors cut into squares and made into … Read more

Coolest Picnic Cake

Homemade Picnic Cake

I made this Picnic Birthday Cake for a church picnic. The cake is chocolate and yellow layers. The grass is made from butter cream icing and the picnic table and picnic foods are made from home-made marshmallow fondant.

Cool Homemade Picnic Table Cake

Homemade Picnic Table Cake

This Picnic Table Cake can serve a lot of guests, and if you need more, just add some more “picnic foods” to your table. The “corn” is made out of cupcakes then topped with frosting and various yellow colored jelly bellies. The “got dogs” are made from plain pound cake SMALL loaves. I carved out … Read more

Cool Ideas for How to Decorate Cakes Like a Picnic Table

Coolest Ideas for How to Decorate Cakes

I’m always thinking up original ideas for how to decorate cakes. I made this cake for my twins’ Second Birthday Picnic. It is a three-layer nine-inch round cake first frosted with white butter cream icing. The “picnic blanket” is a large square made of white rolled fondant. I then kneaded in turquoise food coloring and … Read more

How to Decorate Cakes that Look Like Picnic Tables 2

For my daughters second birthday party we had a picnic in the park. The cake went along with the picnic theme with ants marching across a red-and-white checkered picnic blanket. Here are a few tips for how to decorate cakes like these: Place squares of strawberry fruit-by-the-foot over white frosting made the checkered pattern. I … Read more