Cool Homemade Picnic Table Cake

This Picnic Table Cake can serve a lot of guests, and if you need more, just add some more “picnic foods” to your table. The “corn” is made out of cupcakes then topped with frosting and various yellow colored jelly bellies. The “got dogs” are made from plain pound cake SMALL loaves. I carved out the “hot dog” from the top of the loaf, then frosted the bun with light brown, and the hotdog with a darker brown. I sprinkles the bun with sesame seeds and “ketchup and mustard” colored frosting.

The “sliders” are made out white cupcakes and brownie “burgers”. I tinted coconut green for the lettuce and used the ketchup and mustard frosting. The watermelon cake is made out of red tinted white cake mix, mini chocolate chips and rolled fondant for the outside rind.

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  1. That is AMAZING! How cool…I really love it! Great job. Very creative. I might borrow this idea from you. :-) Thanks for sharing!


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