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Coolest Teddy Bear’s Picnic Cake

I made this Teddy Bear’s Picnic Cake for a three year old boy, but I suppose it would suit many ages and gender. The cake itself was a square vanilla sponge with vanilla butter cream and seedless raspberry jam centre, then I applied a butter cream crumb guard and placed it in the fridge to chill while I coloured the ready-made fondant base.

Then I rolled out the coloured icing and smoothed it onto the cake with a smoother you can use your hand (I found out how to do this on u-tube) and prepared the fondant table cloth I lightly embossed it while it was on the cake with an ordinary cookie cutter any design will do and hand made the bears and picnic food with coloured fondant.

The bears heads where secured with cocktail sticks but be sure people know this for safety reasons. The bears where a pale colour, I couldn’t get a very good brown colour so I used ivory gel colour(gels are much better to work with on fondant as they don’t make it sticky therefore easier to work). Also the cake can be changed to pandas or polar bears so the underneath main cake can be changed and adapted.

Have fun happy baking!

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