Coolest City Scene First Birthday Cake

Homemade City Scene First Birthday Cake

For my son’s first birthday I wanted a King Kong-type theme with the giant baby smashing the city. (I have an odd sense of humor.) The King Kong cakes I found were too dark and gray for a first birthday, so I decided to go more whimsical and Dr. Seuss-like and made this City Scene … Read more

Coolest Big City Cake

Homemade Big City Cake

I made this Big City Cake for my son’s 3rd birthday party. I got the idea from a skyscraper cake on the coolest birthday cakes website, then added some twists. The bottom cake is a 12 inch round cake. The city is made of a tower of four 6 inch round cakes. I frosted the … Read more

Coolest City Scene Cake

Coolest Cake Decoration Tips and Photos

This cake was for my son’s second birthday. He is crazy for anything that moves- trucks, boats, trains, planes. I tried to incorporate as many vehicles in the cake as possible. For this cake I used a 12×18 two layer sheet cake. I covered it with plain buttercream and then decorated with colored buttercream (that … Read more

Coolest City Scene 4th Birthday Party Cake

Homemade City Scene 4th Birthday Party Cake

I copied the fabulous ‘City Scene 4th Birthday Party Cake’ (or as my son calls it – ‘the busiest city you’ve ever seen’) on this website for my son’s 4th birthday party. Here’s how it turned out. I obviously altered the road shape from a 2 to a 4. I also made some other adjustments … Read more