Coolest Butterfly Birthday Cake

Coolest Butterfly Birthday Cake

My best friend Heather asked me to make her daughter Kaylynn a birthday cake to remember. She knew that I usually always make the birthday cakes for a few of my other friends’ children and I always, always make my son’s cakes. I never buy one that is pre-made from the store. It is more … Read more

Beautiful Butterfly Cake

Beautiful Butterfly Cake

I made this butterfly cake for a girl’s birthday party. The flavor was strawberry and color theme was pink. Baked two 9×13″ cakes with strawberry flavor, cut the sides to give the shape of  butterfly. ( I drew the butterfly on a sheet of paper, cut it and then put it over the cake to get accurate shape). … Read more

Cool Barbie Mariposa Cake

Cool Barbie Mariposa Cake

This Barbie Mariposa cake was a very fun cake to create, we spent a lot of time laughing while trying over and over again to make Barbie’s “outfit” look just right. This cake started out as two simple chocolate 13 x 9 cakes. By shaping the first cake, tracing on paper and mirroring the cuts on the second cake … Read more

Cool Homemade Butterfly Cake With Smarties

Butterfly Cake

I made this butterfly cake for my daughters 7th birthday. I made a round chocolate cake (her favourite) and cut the body and the wings from that one round piece. Adjusted their positions to form a butterfly. I made coloured Vienna Frosting (butter, icing sugar and milk, beaten until fluffy) and iced each section separately … Read more

Sweet Homemade Butterfly Cake for a 1st Birthday

Homemade Butterfly Cake

I just saw your website tonight and was amazed at some of the talent out there in cake design and artistry. I made a homemade butterfly cake for my daughter for her 1st birthday. She told me she wanted a butterfly cake. I thought ‘where does a person get a butterfly cake?’ So I ventured … Read more

Coolest 3rd Birthday Butterfly Fairy Cake

Homemade 3rd Birthday Butterfly Fairy Cake

This 3rd Birthday Butterfly Fairy Cake is my very first “novelty” birthday cake I have done, it was for my eldest daughter’s 3rd birthday. I used a heart shaped cake tin, baked 3 hearts and split one heart in half to complete the bottom of the wings. I used a loaf pan for the butterfly … Read more

Cool Homemade Butterfly Cake for a 5th Birthday

Homemade Butterfly Cake

I made this butterfly cake for a very special little girl ‘Connie’ for her 5th birthday. I made the cake in a 14″ slab tin using a Madeira recipe. I enlarged the pattern then traced it onto baking paper to get the correct shape The icing is all buttercream and tinted in ‘Connies’ favorite colours … Read more

Cool Homemade Purple Butterfly Cake

Homemade Butterfly Cake

I made the butterfly cake using a 25cm round spring form pan. Iced it with purple butter icing and decorated it with small round colorful hard candy sweets and liquroo rope liquorice. From the round cake cut a thin crescent shape to form the body of the butterfly. From the remaining cake cut a big … Read more

Coolest Butterfly Cake Ideas and How-To Tips 4

This butterfly cake was two 10″ round cakes layered with butter cream frosting and raspberry filling. The butterflies, dragonflies and flowers on the cake and on the sticks are all sugar cookies decorated with butter cream frosting. The butterfly on the smash cake was made the same way. The butterflies on the side of the … Read more

Coolest Rainbow and Butterflies Cake

Homemade Rainbow and Butterflies Cake

My daughter wanted a cake with rainbows and butterflies. I wanted something a little more unique than just a cake shaped like a butterfly and I wanted it to be 3D. After searching around on the net for a rainbow and butterflies cake I found that I could color royal icing and make shapes out … Read more

Adorable Homemade Yellow Butterfly Birthday Cake

Homemade Butterfly Birthday Cake

This homemade butterfly birthday cake was for friends granddauthers 4th birthday. Two tiered white cake butter cream icing tinted yellow. 12 in round & 9in round. I made butterflies form fondant. I colored cut out with cookie cutters piped middles and dots on butterflies with royal icing (let dry a few days). Flowers were also … Read more