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Cool Barbie Mariposa Cake

This Barbie Mariposa cake was a very fun cake to create, we spent a lot of time laughing while trying over and over again to make Barbie’s “outfit” look just right. This cake started out as two simple chocolate 13 x 9 cakes. By shaping the first cake, tracing on paper and mirroring the cuts on the second cake we were able to have uniform wings. We then iced the cake “wings” with homemade butter cream chocolate icing along with icing the cupcakes.

We then made the same shapes that you would cut to make zebra stripes and created the butterfly wings color accents. We cut different styles of triangles out of green MF for the grass around the butterfly and finished the edges with the star tip and colored butter cream icing. We then used play dough cutters for butterfly shapes out of marshmallow fondant for cupcakes toppers. Barbie’s outfit is done out of marshmallow fondant also. The little girl LOVED her birthday cake!


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