Easy Cake Recipe Ideas for Camouflage Cakes

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My son wanted a camouflage cake for his 8th birthday. I started searching for an easy cake recipe. I used one of his army sweaters for a guide and randomly laid out the six colors. For the cake I just used an easy cake recipe and for the decorating I used black, juniper green, moss … Read more

Coolest Homemade Duck Dynasty Groom Cake

A couple of months ago, my niece asked me to make a groom’s cake for her wedding. Her then fiance/now husband is a big Duck Dynasty fan, especially Uncle Si, so we agreed on a design and I set out to make her cake. I started with the characters-all gum paste and fondant Because I had never made people … Read more

Coolest Camo Baby Shower Cake

Coolest Camo Baby Shower Cake

My friend had a camo shower and I took a challenge of making a camo baby shower cake. After looking at some pictures online I came up with these. For batter I made chocolate cake, 2 white cakes divided, one light green, other dark green, then a yellow with some brown food/icing dye. Randomly placed … Read more

The Zombies are Coming Cake

The Zombies are Coming Cake

We were doing cammo cakes before cammo cakes became trendy, but we didn’t have anything that excited us when using it, until now. What better way to showcase cammo than with ZOMBIES! And not just any zombies… Zombies from Black Ops 2. The inside AND the fondant were cammo. And no, it’s not airbrushed like … Read more

Coolest Camouflage Birthday Cake

Homemade Camouflage Birthday Cake

My 5-year-old daughter wanted to make a hunting cake for Father’s Day. We didn’t have time to work with fondant, so we decided to warm our frosting slightly in the microwave and drizzle it onto the cake with spoons. It was so easy and so much fun! We place our crumb coated cake on a … Read more

Coolest Camo Gift Cake for a Military Man

Homemade Camo Gift Cake for a Military Man

I’m a cake decorator at a grocery store, I love when someone comes up and asks me to do something different. This homemade camo gift cake (for a military man…) is a quarter sheet [9×13 cake] on the bottom then I cut a quarter sheet in half and put it on the quarter sheet then … Read more

Coolest Camo Military Cake

Homemade Camo Military Cake

So my girlfriend told me about this website and wanted her son’s birthday cake to look just like one of the ones already listed. I think it looks pretty good, so I thought I would add mine along with the others. This homemade camo military cake is four layers, all chocolate with chocolate icing, and … Read more

Coolest Camo Birthday Cake

Homemade Camo Birthday Cake

This Camo birthday cake is a 2 layer cake for my son’s 8th birthday. It is a marble cake with chocolate frosting. Then I made the camo colors using for the tan: white frosting with a little chocolate and for the camo green. I used white frosting with 15 drops of green food coloring and … Read more

Coolest Sweet 16 Camouflage Cake

Homemade Sweet 16 Camouflage Cake

This is a Sweet 16 camouflage cake that I made for a friend of mine’s daughter. Because she is home schooled, her parents wanted to go all out for her sweet 16 and make it similar to what she would have experienced at a high school prom. She really loves camouflage, and the colors of … Read more

Coolest Camouflage Cap Cake

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This birthday cake idea was made from an 8″ round (4″ high), and a piece of cardboard. From there, I sculpted the slope on the backside or the hat free hand. I choose to use fondant on the outside because it gave the cake a realistic, smooth finish; opposed to using butter cream (If you … Read more

Easy Cake Recipe Ideas and Designs for Camouflage Cakes 1

My son wanted an “army” theme for his 6th birthday so I came up with this “camouflage cake”. It is unique because it not only is decorated on the outside but on the inside as well!!! I used four marble-cake mixes making a two-layer cake for this easy cake recipe because there were so many … Read more