We were doing cammo cakes before cammo cakes became trendy, but we didn’t have anything that excited us when using it, until now. What better way to showcase cammo than with ZOMBIES! And not just any zombies… Zombies from Black Ops 2. The inside AND the fondant were cammo. And no, it’s not airbrushed like you sometimes see. We actually colored the fondant BEFORE we rolled it out.

This was a really fun cake to do…from the life-sized hand gun that the birthday boy and his buddies (grown men mind you) picked up and chased each other around the house with to the zombies eyes glowing blue like in the game. We actually did this cake before the game was released, but after it was announced. Trying to research a game that you can’t PLAY yet so you don’t know if you will do it justice had to be the hardest part (trust me hearing the gripes from the rabid…er I mean avid Black Ops playing husband and son about how I needed to add more this and less that and had to do this and not that was NOT the best).

Other than the lighting, everything about this cake was 100% edible!  Because of the detail in the gun and the zombie guts, this cake took just over 5 hours to decorate. The cake itself without zombies and gun.. about 30 minutes. For those Black Ops fans out there…we are ready to take on Ghosts, but on a larger scale!