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Coolest Homemade Duck Dynasty Groom Cake

A couple of months ago, my niece asked me to make a groom’s cake for her wedding. Her then fiance/now husband is a big Duck Dynasty fan, especially Uncle Si, so we agreed on a design and I set out to make her cake. I started with the characters-all gum paste and fondant Because I had never made people before, Si was a challenge But, I finally got him completed. I attempted to make his beard from cotton candy. It looked great until the humidity hit and it dissolved. So, because I didn’t think the fondant would look enough like “hair”, I used cotton balls for the beard, hair and ponytail.

Next came the cakes. The baking and frosting went as planned (top tier-red velvet with cream cheese/bottom tier-chocolate with chocolate ganache). I thought I was being smart and ordered camouflage sugar sheets. I tried them on a practice cake and they were so easy to handle, and really looked nice. Wanting to save time since I knew we’d be traveling to our destination and I wouldn’t have much time to assemble the cake once we arrived, I applied the sugar sheets to both tiers before freezing them. I planned to remove them from the freezer before we set out on our trip hoping that the cakes would be thawed by the time we arrived. However, something told me to put them in the refrigerator the day before. Good thing I did. When I got home from work the night before the rehearsal dinner and checked the cakes, the sugar sheets had all bubbled. When I tried to smooth them, they just tore.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough sheets to redo both cakes. So, at 7:30 PM Thursday I started tearing sugar sheets off the cakes, touching up the frosting, then trying to figure out how to make camouflage fondant-another thing I had never done before. Finally at 3 AM Friday I was done. All I had to do was assemble the cake at the rehearsal dinner 3 hours away. By that time I was sure nothing worse could happen. And I was right. The rest came off without a hitch. The pond is made of colored piping gel over a blue sugar sheet. Let me know what you think. Sorry if the pictures are hard to see. The lighting inside the wedding tent wasn’t very good.

Duck Pond 2

Duck Pond

Duck Dynasty 2

Duck Dynasty

Si with a Cotton Candy Beard