Coolest Turning 40 Birthday Cake

Homemade Turning 40 Birthday Cake

My husband turned 40 recently and I wanted to surprise him with a big cake for his surprise party. I ordered two cake pans from The Lakeside Collection that allows you to make any number or letter, by rearranging the separator blocks. I used these pans to bake two number 4’s and two number 0’s. … Read more

Coolest M&M Second Birthday Cake

Homemade M&M Second Birthday Cake

I made this M&M Second Birthday Cake for my nephew’s 2nd Birthday. I made two 9×13 cakes, one for the base and the other to carve the number two out of. I also used food coloring to make the blue frosting and decorated with M&M’s. To make the two I just drew one on some … Read more

Coolest 10th Birthday Cake

Homemade 10th Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted a number 10 cake for her birthday this year, so I tried to come up with something a little bit more imaginative than just the number sitting on a board – and she loved this 10th Birthday Cake. I made three cakes for this. One normal slab cake for the bottom and … Read more

Cool Homemade 10th Birthday Cake

Homemade 10th Birthday Cake

I wanted to do something special for my son’s 10th birthday. I also wanted something that would be easy and fun. I thought cupcakes are always fun for the kids. I made 2 box cake mix one chocolate and one white. It took 26 cupcakes to make the 10. I wanted to decorate them all … Read more

Coolest 50th Birthday Cake with Cupcakes

Homemade  50th Birthday Cake

This 50th birthday cake was my very first BIG cake that I offered to make for an uncle’s birthday party. I used a 12×8 oblong tin 4 times to double up the 2 cakes. I then cut the numbers out by hand after leaving cakes to chill overnight in fridge. I used a basic Madeira … Read more

Coolest 50th Cake

Homemade 50th Cake

I baked this 50th cake for my husband who was 50 on 1st Jan. I started by baking two 9” x 13” sponge cakes, these were then left to cool, and then filled with jam and butter cream. I then cut out a template in card to resemble a 50 but where the 5 and … Read more

Coolest Number One Birthday Cake

Homemade Number One Birthday Cake

I made this Number One birthday cake with 4 boxes of choc cake mix in a large rectangle roasting dish. My husband drew a template or the number one and I cut it out of the cake (refrigerate for a couple of hours beforehand, I find its easier than cutting a fresh spongy cake and … Read more

Coolest #30 Birthday Cake

Homemade  #30 Birthday Cake

The #30 Birthday Cake was made using a Wilton 14.5x11x2 banking pan. Two seperate cakes were baked one for the number 3, and the other for number 0, using regular box cake mix any flavor. The numbers were cut out using extra large craft stensles, which may be bought in any craft store. The cakes … Read more

Coolest Number 3 Birthday Cake

Homemade Number 3 Birthday Cake

This Number 3 birthday cake is for my niece, Syifaa’s 3rd birthday. I thought of trying out the number cake filled with a star design. The design I adapted from this Coolest-Birthday-cakes website. I used two of 7” round cakes, chocolate cake and milk cake. Cut it into 2 layered cakes. Put alternate layers between … Read more

Coolest 4th Birthday Race Track Cake

Homemade 4th Birthday Race Track Cake

The theme of my son’s 4th birthday party was race cars – one of his favourite topics and easy enough to translate into decor, activities, etc. We were determined to have a race-track cake, with these ‘specifications’: had to feed a lot of people (18 kids, 30+ adults); no fondant icing; no excessive cake “architecture”; … Read more