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Coolest 70th Birthday Cake 14

A close friend called me and requested for a cake for her Dad’s 70th with a sailor theme. She also wanted the number 70. The pictures I saw on the internet didn’t seem to inspire me much when suddenly I thought of how much she and the whole family adored her Dad, and only one thing came to my mind “Popeye”, so I thought I’d make the cake in the shape 70 floating away at sea (royal icing wavy effect on the cake board) with Popeye emerging triumphant, depicting the 70 years of life rich with love and success!!

Had 2 days to plan with requests that the cake should be moist, not a fruit cake, not a sponge and also icing of fondant.. phew! I put together a double chocolate brownie with rum covered with fondant. The sea was royal icing and the life boat, anchor, Popeye was marzipan. And the boat was made of chocolate.

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