Coolest Treasure Chest Cake

Coolest Treasure Chest Cake

I made this treasure chest cake for my nephew’s 1st birthday the other week. He had a pirate themed birthday and I thought, “how cool would a treasure chest be?” Steps to Make the Cake First, I baked two 14 inch square chocolate mud cakes. I then cut them in half and layered 3 of … Read more

Coolest Treasure Chest Cake

Coolest Treasure Chest Cake

When my oldest daughter (now 5) turned three, we decided to have a girly pirate themed birthday party. What goes better with a pirate themed birthday party than a treasure chest cake? This cake was very large and very heavy but it was a huge hit at the party! My mom and my grandma even … Read more

Mermaids and Pirates: Under the Sea Treasure Chest Cake

For my daughter’s 6th birthday party, she wanted to have a mermaids party. The only problem was that she wanted to invite some boys in her class as well. So I adapted the theme to Mermaids and Pirates: Under the Sea. For the cake, I decided what better than to have a treasure chest cake … Read more

Coolest Treasure Chest with Skull Cake

I wanted to do a big skull cake, but didn’t want to pay $35 for the cake mold, so instead I paid $3 for a chocolate skull mold and made a treasure chest cake instead. The cake had half chocolate layers and half white cake. All details were made with homemade marshmallow fondant. The skull … Read more

Coolest Treasure Chest and Pirate Skull Cake

Coolest Treasure Chest and Pirate Skull  Cake

I made the treasure chest from chocolate biscuit cake in 2 pans then covered them with chocolate flavored fondant then imprinted them with  a wood grain mat. I wanted to have the chest slightly open but because of the weight of the chocolate biscuit cake it wouldn’t stay up  no matter what I tried. I then decorated it with straps painted … Read more

Cool Pirate’s Chest Cake

Cool Pirate's Chest Cake

I made this for my son’s birthday party. It was simply two 9×13 single-layer cakes. Right after baking, I covered the bottom with a piece of waxed paper and flattened out with my hand so it wouldn’t bulge in the middle (I never cut them flat because the squished cake tastes so yummy and moist!). … Read more

Coolest Treasure Chest Cake

Homemade Treasure Chest Cake

This treasure chest cake was for my son’s 3rd birthday party which was a pirate theme. I had decided to make a treasure chest cake and had pretty much figured out how to “engineer it” when I came across this site and saw that others had attempted the same thing and it worked! (Thanks for … Read more

Coolest Treasure Chest Cake

Sunken Pirate Treasure Chest Cake

For our Treasure Chest cake we started out with a cake baked in a small bread/loaf pan and cut it in half diagonally through the center from the top corner down the opposite bottom corner. We then re-matched up the cake putting the small ends together and the large ends together to get the half … Read more

Coolest Pirate Treasure Chest Cake

Homemade Pirate Treasure Chest Cake

My daughter liked the Pirates of the Caribbean and wanted a Pirate theme for her 5th birthday. I created this pirate treasure chest cake based on some other pictures I had seen on the internet. I was able to find the chocolate coins for decoration at Walgreens and at the bulk bin section of a … Read more

Coolest Treasure Chest Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Treasure Chest Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Treasure Chest Birthday Cake Idea for nephew’s 7th Birthday Pirate Themed Party. I was actually looking for treasure chest ideas and came upon this website. I love baking and decorating cakes. But I’m just barely starting to learn and try new things. I saw pictures of a few treasure chest cakes and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Treasure Chest Pirate Birthday Cakes 5

Then I made several 9″ round cake layers and cut them all in half for the pirate birthday. I stuck them all in a row on top of a piece of cardboard the same size as the bottom layer. I put in a few wooden dowels into the bottom layer that stuck out about 1/2″ … Read more