I made this treasure chest cake for my nephew’s 1st birthday the other week. He had a pirate themed birthday and I thought, “how cool would a treasure chest be?”

Steps to Make the Cake

  • First, I baked two 14 inch square chocolate mud cakes.
  • I then cut them in half and layered 3 of them on top of each other
  • I frosted each layer with chocolate ganache.
  • Next, I trimmed the last layer which was for the lid of the treasure chest and put it in the fridge to cool while I covered the box.
  • I crumb coated the treasure chest box and then covered the whole thing in fondant.
  • I also used a tool to make indents around the box to give it a wood effect.
  • Then I painted the chest.
  • Once complete I sat it aside and carried on with the lid.
  • I crumb coated the lid and also covered that in fondant.
  • I used the same tool as I did with the main box to give it that wood effect.
  • Once complete, I piled chocolate gold coins and lollies on top of the chest and then placed the lid on top.
  • I also had two cake dowels in each corner of the cake to hold the lid.
  • I painted the lid and added the finishing touches like the lock, the side corners and top strips.
  • I also crushed biscuits to give a sand look around the cake.

I had comments all day and the next and people were just amazed. They really thought the outside was actually a box and didn’t know it was all edible. The cake didn’t last long. It was all gone by the next day.

I also made pirate themed cupcakes to go with the cake. :)