Coolest Ashtray Cake

Coolest Ashtray Cake

Well this ashtray cake was a first for me. I was asked to make an ashtray cake for a friend of mine who works for a cigarette company. I started by making 2 x 9″ round cakes when these were cold I filled with buttercream and jam and then I cut the shape of the … Read more

Newport Cigarette Cake

Newport Cigarette Cake

My friend wanted me to make a cake for her mother who smokes a lot of Newport cigarettes. She has been trying to get her to stop smoking for years. So I came up with a design of the box and cigarette on the side. When she saw the cake, her eyes lit up. She … Read more

Coolest Random Cigarette Cake

Homemade Random Cigarette Cake

My best friend and I were sitting at home wanting to decorate a cake, but we couldn’t come up with an idea. So we were looking around and I had seen a pack of cigarettes and thought it would be awesome to create a replica and made a Random Cigarette Cake . We started with … Read more

Coolest Cigar Birthday Cake

Homemade Cigar Birthday Cake

I made this Cigar Birthday Cake for my dad’s birthday. He loves a good cigar. I made a 12″ square cake and took a 3″ round cookie cutter, and cut circles out the the baked cake. I froze the 3″ circle cakes. I made a marshmallow fondant and refrigerated it overnight. The next day, I … Read more

Coolest No Smoking Cake

No Smoking Cake

My friend asked me to make a No-Smoking Cake for her father’s birthday as to discourage him from this habit. Earlier I don’t know what to do as so far no one has posted in such a cake on the internet. It is My hubby gave me this idea to make a 3D cigarette on … Read more

Coolest Cigarette Birthday Cake Design

I made this Cigarette Birthday Cake Design for my grandmother’s 75th birthday, one of her favorite items. It is a red velvet cake, iced with cream cheese icing, covered in homemade marshmallow fondant

Coolest Marlboro Cake

Coolest Smoking and No Smoking Cake Ideas and Photos

My aunt and uncle were retiring this past July and since they are smokers it was just logical that this smoking cake would be a hit with them (and it was the first thing that came to mind). It is basically two sheet cakes stacked with filling in the center. Fondant icing was used to … Read more