Coolest Cigar Birthday Cake

I made this Cigar Birthday Cake for my dad’s birthday. He loves a good cigar. I made a 12″ square cake and took a 3″ round cookie cutter, and cut circles out the the baked cake. I froze the 3″ circle cakes.

I made a marshmallow fondant and refrigerated it overnight. The next day, I leveled off one side of each of the round cakes, so they were flat on one side and could stand on their side. Then, I spread buttercream icing on the top and bottom flat side of each circle and lined them up.

I colored about 3/4 of my fondant brown for the cigar. The rest, I left white for the label. I rolled out the brown fondant, dirty iced the cake, then laid the fondant over the cake and trimmed it up. Then I rolled out the white fondant and used a pizza cutter to cut the label out on the cigar.

I used red and black buttercream icing for the letters and the label border. This was my first time using fondant. I was very pleased with the outcome and will definitely be doing more cakes with it.

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