Coolest Surprise Lighthouse Cake for 70th Birthday

Coolest Surprise Lighthouse Cake for 70th Birthday

This lighthouse cake was my first attempt at a 3D specialty cake. I watch Ace of Cakes and other baking shows on TV often and have always wanted to create an edible masterpiece. My mother in law’s birthday offered me that first opportunity to try it out. I wanted to give her a gift that … Read more

Coolest Maine Lighthouse Cake

Homemade Maine Lighthouse Cake

We just got back from a cross-country road trip (from Southern California where we live all the way to the tip of Maine), when my youngest daughter had her 3rd birthday. Because we had spent a significant amount of time in Maine (and I lived there as a child myself), I decided to do a … Read more

Coolest Lighthouse Cake

Lighthouse Cake

When my aunt’s husband and his siblings began planning their mother’s surprise birthday party, she couldn’t wait to tell them that her niece makes cakes. With that, they nominated her to supply the cake. She didn’t know much about her mother-in-law’s likes or dislikes so she had trouble coming up with an idea for the … Read more

Cool Homemade Lighthouse Cake

Homemade Lighthouse Cake

I made this Lighthouse Cake for my sister’s 20th Wedding Anniversary. She and her family are boaters and their daughter asked me to create a cake for the surprise party she is giving them. I drew the lighthouse on the cake using a ruler and piped the decor. The red is sparkle red gel from … Read more