Awesome CV-22 Osprey Cake

CV22 Osprey

This CV-22 Osprey cake is three feet long and almost 55 pounds. It was a giant cake made for the military. It took 2 people to move it and was a 1/20th scale replica with a wood and pvc skeleton, scaling all the dimensions from the actual plane. I used rice cereal treats  for bottom 2 inches, and 6 … Read more

Cool Homemade 3D Sculptured CH53-E Helicopter Cake

Helicopter USMC Retirement Cake

My husband just retired from the Marine Corps after 20 years of service. I wanted to make him a special cake and since he has worked with the CH53-E’s his whole career I thought that would be appropriate to make a helicopter cake. This was my first attempt at a sculptured cake. I’ve had no … Read more

Coolest Helicopter Cake

Homemade Helicopter Cake

I got my idea for this Helicopter Cake from this web site. I used 2 cake mixes for this helicopter cake, 1 sheet cake pan and 2 loaf pans (only fill one normal and the other half way, don’t need it that thick). I got my son’s toy helicopter and put it on the counter … Read more

Coolest Chinook Helicopter Cake

Homemade Chinook Helicopter Cake

This is a Chinook helicopter cake I made for my husband’s birthday. I baked the cake in a 9×13 cake pan. I then cut it into the pieces I needed for the cake. I used all vanilla buttercream and colored a tan color with Wilton food coloring. For the propellers I used Popsicle sticks that … Read more

Coolest Helicopter Birthday Cake

Homemade Helicopter Birthday Cake

My nephew wanted a Cobra Birthday cake this year. He is 7. I barely knew the difference between a prop plane and a jet when I was 7! Well, I didn’t feel capable of crafting a “helicopter” into a cake so I decided on an LZ . A Heliport landing zone complete with Control tower … Read more

Easy to Make Helicopter Cake

Homemade Helicopter Cake

This Helicopter Cake was incredibly easy to make and very effective! I used Royal Icing to make the “run-out” shapes and it really is easier than it looks, so definitely worth a try if you want to try something easy that looks really professional. I made the run-out Helicopter, clouds, sun, letters and number a … Read more

Coolest Chinook Helicopter Birthday Cake

Homemade Chinook Helicopter Birthday Cake

My husband is in the army and flies in a Chinook helicopter. My son has been obsessed with them since he was old enough to understand that’s dads job. I decided to do an army cake but I didn’t wanna do just a plain ol’ cake like everyone else gets. I made him a Chinook … Read more

Coolest Remote Control Helicopter Cake

Homemade Remote Control Helicopter Cake

For my son’s 4th birthday, he was adamant about having a helicopter cake for his party due to the fact that he and his dad have this thing for flying remote control helicopters. I had no idea how I was going to make this happen because first of all I don’t bake, let alone have … Read more

Coolest Apache Helicopter Cake

Homemade Apache Helicopter Cake

A friend and co-worker asked me if I could make a Longbow Apache helicopter cake for her husband’s birthday since he used to work on them when he was in the Army. I tried to be as accurate as possible while still giving her as much cake as possible (which is why it is wider … Read more