Coolest Pickup Truck Cake

Coolest Pickup Truck Cake

A friend and I had some fun and made a Pickup Truck Cake for another friend of ours.┬áIt’s hard to see. but the licence plate says his name on it. This cake took a long time to make and near the end we kind of gave up a little bit on the details. Still, I … Read more

Coolest Pick Up Truck and Snow Plow Cake

Coolest Pick Up Truck and Snow Plow Cake

I baked a large sheet cake, then measured and cut to the size I needed for this Pick Up Truck cake. I filled and stacked the cake in more or less to the shape of a truck. I then wrapped in plastic wrap and placed in freezer for a couple of days so it would … Read more

Pick Up Truck Cake

Pickup Truck Cake

I used a 9 x 11 pan to make the pickup truck cake. The wheels are chocolate frosted doughnuts! The headlights are a type toddler cookie and the “dirt” in the truck bed is chocolate sprinkles. This cake was so much fun to make and I did not need any special equipment.

Cool Homemade Pickup Truck Cake

Pick Up Truck Cake

I used a loaf tin for the body of the pick up truck cake and two miniature tins for the top. I used licorice to decorate the windows and Oreo’s for the tires. I also used Oreo’s to put in the back of the truck. The icing was a butter icing which put one layer … Read more

Coolest Truck Cake

Homemade Truck Cake

This truck cake made from white cake mix. Frosting was a mixture of cool whip and Duncan Hines vanilla frosting mixed with strawberry syrup and dried coconut. The wheels were made from figs and almonds and chocolate chips used for car handles and lights. The truck road track was made from green mixture of herbs.

Coolest Truck Cake

Homemade Truck Cake

well this truck cake was very easy. Boxed confetti cake for the ground and pound cake for the trucks. I dyed the pound cake blue since there were two boys and two trucks, they each had their own. Bought chocolate rocks for the decoration. I frosted the cake green then put the rocks on sides … Read more

Coolest Pickup Truck-Shaped Easy Cake Recipe Ideas and Photos 4

This cake was done for my nephews 2nd birthday. It was a construction party. The detail on the dump cake is all fondant. The “load” in the pickup truck is the crumbled trimmings of the cake.s 2nd birthday. It was a construction party. The detail on the dump cake is all fondant. The “load” in … Read more

Coolest Tow Truck Cake

Homemade Tow Truck Cake

This tow truck cake was carved to become our neighbors tow truck. The flat bed is a one inch sheet cake and the cab was carved from three sheet cakes. The truck was 10″ x 20″. Lots of fondant and fun extras such as lights, chains, tinker toys wheels! The man under the cake has … Read more

Coolest Pickup Truck Birthday Cake

Homemade Pickup Truck Birthday Cake

My son is in love with anything cars, trucks, or motorcylces so I thought it would be cute to make him a Pickup Truck Birthday Cake. It’s one of the few words he can say so far. Since he’s turning 2 I thought I’d put the number 2 on each door panel. I knew I … Read more

Coolest Truck Cake

Homemade Truck Cake

This truck cake was made for my brother in law. I searched many truck cakes and found one similar to this. I used 2 9 x 5 pan cake. I used one for the bottom and cut 1/2 off to make the top of the vehicle. The wheels are Oreo cookies and M&M candies for … Read more

Cool Homemade Truck Birthday Cake

Homemade Truck Birthday Cake

This Truck Birthday Cake was for my son’s third birthday. All my cakes are made from supermarket-bough Madeira cake blocks, ‘glued’ together with jam and then carved to shape. I use blocks of coloured icing which I roll and then ‘drape’ over the cake, trimming with a sharp knife where necessary to achieve fit. Detailing … Read more

Coolest Pick Up Truck Cake Design 23

Homemade Pick Up Truck Cake Design Homemade Pick Up Truck Cake Design First, let me say that I am NOT a cake maker, but after my son requested an “Aqua Pick-up Truck Cake” for his 2nd birthday, I was inspired by the cakes on this website. I used a regular yellow cake mix- 2 boxes. … Read more

Coolest Truck Birthday Cake Design

Homemade Truck Birthday Cake Design

My son had a Ford ranger truck which he was in a accident and the truck was a total loss. He loved his truck and I had made this cake for his birthday before the accident. I used the Wilton jeep pan and made the top toward the back look like the sky. I used … Read more

Coolest Truck Cake

Truck Cake

I have a very busy little boy, so for his first birthday we wanted his cake to look like a truck cake. I was going for the look of a real truck that he could push and drive so this is what I came up with. My husband helped me with the windshield angle so … Read more

Coolest Farmyard Truck Birthday Cake

Homemade Farmyard Truck Birthday Cake

I got the inspiration from a birthday cake party book. I made this Farmyard Truck Birthday Cake using 2 loaf size pans. One loaf was shaped for the front and the second loaf was used as is. The icing is chocolate flavoured butter icing. I used simple ready made biscuits: Oreo biscuits for wheels and … Read more

Coolest Farm Truck Birthday Cake

Homemade Farm Truck Birthday Cake

For my son’s second birthday we decided to do a truck theme, since trucks are his absolute favorite thing in the world. I loved the idea of the farm/pick-up trucks with the pumpkins in the back, that I saw on this site, for an October birthday. I made two loaf pound cakes and froze them … Read more

Coolest BJ’s Trophy Truck Cake

Homemade BJ's Trophy Truck Cake

BJ Baldwin, the world’s best off road racer had a birthday and a big race the same week, so I made this BJ’s Trophy Truck Cake for him. It’s my replica of his SCORE race series trophy truck. Fortunately he loved it. It’s all cake and fondant. The rocks are chocolate, the dirt is vanilla … Read more