Coolest Pickup Truck Cake

A friend and I had some fun and made a Pickup Truck Cake for another friend of ours. It’s hard to see. but the licence plate says his name on it.

This cake took a long time to make and near the end we kind of gave up a little bit on the details. Still, I have to say that overall it’s one of my favourite cakes that I have ever made. I think it took us 4 – 5 hours to complete.

My friend absolutely loved his pickup truck cake.  I made it out of chocolate and vanilla layers with vanilla buttercream frosting in the center. The entire thing was edible except for the mirrors and the cage in the back.

We had a hard time finding fondant to buy and use, so we ended just making the fondant ourselves. That was an interesting experience, but the fondant turned out well and it tasted great! I confess that we might have been snacking on it quite a bit as we made it. :)