Coolest Train Cake

My grandson loves trains, mainly Thomas the train. But he is also fascinated with railroad crossings. He lives in tornado alley, and has had lots of tornado warnings this year, so needless to say he is really intrigued with tornados.

So I made him this 13×9 train cake with cream cheese frosting. I first tinted the whole cake green, and added taller grass with tip #233. For the tracks I covered the bottom of the tracks with smooth white frosting and them sprinkled brown sugar over top and then with black frosting and tip #4, I added the tracks.

Then I added the highway with smooth gray frosting and short yellow lines. The tornado was going to be the tough part, but I used a sugar ice cream cone and melted semi sweet chocolate squares and swirled it around the cone to make it look like it had was turning and then added some grass around it to look like the tornado was picking up the grass. I found small railroad crossings in a craft store in the train department. And used his Dad’s old mictro machines for the cars. Lastly I added the trains that my grandson already had.

He was very happy when he saw his cake.

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