Coolest Train Birthday Cake

What I used:

24×48 piece of plywood

aluminum foil

3 boxes of cake mix

3 containers of white frosting,

food coloring

gel icing (for any writing you do)

Swedish fish

green sugar (find near sprinkles)

1 package of chocolate Twizzlers

2 packs of kit kats

6 oreos

20 mini oreos

mini ice cream cone (Joy Kids cones)

cotton candy

black licorice laces

Hershey bar

pirouette cookie wafers

pretzel sticks

animal crackers


graham crackers

Here is how I made this Homemade Train Birthday Cake:

Prepare the cake mix as it says on box and bake in (2) 9×13 brownie pans, a 9×9 pan, and a tin can (like an empty can of green beans). Wrap the plywood in aluminum foil. Make a batch of green icing for grass and a batch of blue icing for water. Mix some water in with that colored icing to thin it out and use a basting brush to paint the icing onto the board. While it is still wet, sprinkle the green sugar on top of the green icing for grass and stick the Swedish fish onto the water.

Use the kit kats as the boards of the train track and the twizzlers as the rail. Cut the brownie pan cakes in thirds so you have 6 pieces sized 9×4.3. You will use the 9×9 cake to shape the bottom of the caboose (blue part) and the pieces you cut away will make the “cab” portion of the caboose (red part) and the can cake is the cylindrical part of the caboose (you will want to shave a bit off of one side so it sits flat on the blue part.

The ice cream cone is used as the thing the steam comes out of and the cotton candy is the steam (dont put the cotton candy in until right before because I found it kind of melts down after a while). The second car (log car) is just one of the rectangular cakes, iced. I tied the pirouettes with the black licorice and placed on top of the iced cake. The third car (passenger car) is 2 of the rectangular cakes stacked (I just cut one a little shorter) and used Hershey bar pieces as the windows. The fourth car (animal car) is one of the rectangle cakes, iced. Stick the animal crackers in the cake and put the pretzel sticks standing up around the car for the cage.

The graham crackers are the roof of the zoo car. I glued a couple of pieces together with icing (make sure it dries for a few hours before you place it on the car). The fifth car (coal car) is just 2 rectangle cakes stacked and iced with a bunch of raisinettes on top for coal. I used the mini Oreos as wheels on all the cars and the front of the caboose and the big Oreos for the wheels on the back of the caboose. Anywhere I wanted more detail, I used the black licorice to create lines on the cars.

It sounds real complicated but it wasn’t as difficult as it was time consuming. You need quite a few hours to get this made. Make sure the cake is COMPLETELY cool before you start doing anything (I made it the night before).

Homemade Train Birthday Cake

Homemade Train Birthday Cake

Homemade Train Birthday Cake

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