Coolest Skateboard Cake

Homemade Skateboard Cake

My cousin just loves skateboards and anything having to do with them. I made this Skateboard Cake for his fourth birthday party after seeing several on this site. I also blended the idea for the skull off of this site as well. I started with a 9X13″ and a 9″ round cake. I cut the … Read more

Amazing Cake Ideas for a Skateboarding Theme 5

I made this amazing cake for my sons 10th birthday. He likes to design skateboard decks and I thought it would be cool to transfer one of his designs to a cake for his birthday. I used a 13×9 cake pan and a 9″ round pan for the cake. I cut the round cake in … Read more

Coolest Skate Board Cake

Camo Skate Board Cake

Took a 9X13 pan and 1 round pan. Cut the round in half and put it on each end of the 9X13 and iced it. I used Homemade Color Frosting Mixed Green and Brown Together for the army type green color. Mixed up some orange for some details and black and brown for the Camo. … Read more

Cool Homemade Skate Park Birthday Cake

Homemade Skate Park Birthday Cake

My nephew wanted a cool birthday cake. But, he couldn’t think of what he wanted. He was turning 12 so, it couldn’t be just a cartoon character or basic design it had to be AWESOME! The only thing I could come up with that I KNEW he liked was skateboarding. However he didn’t want JUST … Read more

Amazing Cake Ideas for a Skateboarding Theme 6

My son loves to skateboard and so I thought he would like a skateboard themed cake. It was actually pretty easy, I made just a regular rectangle cake and then I cut out some triangles from cardboard and used fondant over that to make the ramps. I used little Tech Deck guys as the skaters. … Read more

Coolest Skateboard Cake

Skateboard Cake

This skateboard cake was a birthday cake. We made the skateboard out of rice crispy. Chocolate cake on the bottom and covered the skateboard and parts of the cake with fondant and hand painted everything.

Coolest Skateboard Birthday Cake

Homemade Skateboard Birthday Cake

This Skateboard Birthday Cake was made with one 9 x 13″ chocolate cake and one 9 x 13″ white cake and frosted with homemade whipped cream frosting. We cut a board the shape of a skate board to hold the cake. We laid the 9 x 13″ stacked cakes on top of board and cut … Read more

Amazing Cake Ideas for a Skateboarding Theme 7

I made this amazing cake for my neighbors 15th birthday. He likes skateboarding, so I looked on the internet to find a picture or recipe. The best one I found was on Disney’s Family fun site. I have made several cakes, and have had great success using their ideas. I used about 6 cups of … Read more

Coolest Skate Park Cake

Homemade Skate Park Cake

This skate park cake was for my son’s 6th birthday, in 2006. He is really into skateboarding. After a couple of years of practice I would have done it a little different, but looking back I didn’t think it was so bad. I started with 9×13 cake and frosted it. Then I took 6 Twinkies, … Read more

Coolest Sk8 Cake

Homemade Sk8 Cake

My son had a Skateboard theme for his 8th birthday. I checked out the net for ideas and came up with this one based on a combination of a few ideas I saw. I used 3 packet cake mixes (I used butter cake). 1 packet for the round cake and one for the rectangle cake. … Read more

Amazing Cake Ideas for a Skateboarding Theme 8

First I built a platform, Plexiglas to hold the birthday cake, dowel rods to hold the cake up and a board underneath to keep it all steady so it would survive the ride to the party. I baked two cakes and cut them to the shape of the Plexiglas platform. I used 4 cupcakes for … Read more

Coolest Skateboard Birthday Cake

Homemade Lighting Bolt Skateboard Birthday Cake

This Lighting Bolt Skateboard Birthday Cake was made for my son’s 14th birthday. To accommodate those who like chocolate cake and those who like white cake – we used both 1 white cake 9 x 13 and 1 chocolate round cake – 9 inch. Cooked the cakes the night before and put in the fridge, … Read more