Coolest Skateboard Cake

My son loves skateboarding so for his birthday I made this cake with one 9″ round cut in half and one 9×13 with the sides shaved off to give it some shape. Cool the cake in the freezer it will ice better.

I covered it with white icing then drew in my flames with a tooth pick. I started with yellow and used round tip #3 for the more detailed spots and #5 for the larger areas. Using a spreading knife to smooth it out. Next, I used red with tip #3 to fill the rest. I used the spreader to drag the red into the yellow to blend the colors. The outline is done in black with round tip #2. For the border I used leaf tip #67 and went around with red then switched to yellow and filled in.

The wheels are chocolate donuts with Cocoa Krispies Cereal Straws. I took off about an inch of the straws before sticking them in the donuts then set them on top.

My son told me “I rock” so I was proud.


16 thoughts on “Coolest Skateboard Cake”

  1. This is an adorable cake. My grandson is turning 8 on July 3rd and he really wanted a skateboard cake. I had no idea how to make one. Thanks for the great ideas. Hope mine turns out this cute!

  2. My son will be 13 this year, and he thinks “themed parties are uncool”. But, he loves skateboarding…I think this will be perfect! You did a GREAT job! I’m not usually that crafty, so I hope I can duplicate it!

  3. Thank you for posting this idea! My daughter loves skateboarding. I was browsing around and found this idea for her birthday cake. I hope we can pull it off! Yours looks great. =)

  4. Hi it’s my son’s 10th birthday tomorrow. He is skateboard mad and I had decided to make a skateboard cake – had ideas in my mind but looked online anyway. Your flaming skateboard design is genius – I am going to give it a go and my son will LOVE it!!! Thanks!

  5. My son just turned 3 today and his birthday party is this weekend he loves loves loves skateboards so I thought it would be cute to make him a cake out of one… this is awesome I think its the one I am going to try…

  6. Thanks for posting this cake…My 10 year old son is having a Kidney Transplant soon & he really wants a skateboard party. I think this will add the perfect touch for my little man. Thanks again !!!

  7. Oh wow!

    I miss my baby brother’s 16th birthday (ok, so not a baby anymore) because we live far apart but he is visiting me soon and now I can give him a cake for his birthday….He is a skateboard fanatic!

  8. Thanks for sharing your cake with everyone, especially the ones who had no idea how to make one. When I googled skateboard cakes, yours was one that showed up and I thought it was great! My son is turning 7 and is complete a skateboarding fool. Anyways thanks again for sharing and walking me through it. I know my son will love it.

  9. I have a silly question! But here it is should you use 1 cake mix and separate it between the round & rectangle or 2 whole cake mixes and bake 2 separate cakes entirely then put the together??
    I know it sounds goof, but I have seen a few different recipes and directions for a cake like this and none of them say!

  10. For sharing your great Skateboard Cake idea with everyone. Once I read your instructions, I thought – I can make this. My co-workers son’s 12th birthday is next weekend and he will love it more than I one I tried to make last year. Wish me luck with the paint job.

  11. Every year I make my three children specialized birthday cakes. This year my 12 year old requested a skateboard cake. I figure this is probably easier than the baseball diamond cake I made for him last year! Thanks for sharing your idea! The design is fabulous!

  12. Thanks so much for this awesome cake idea- I made it for my son’s 10th birthday party (at the SkatePark) and he LOVED it!! I got so many compliments and it was extra special because the kids all helped ice and decorate it!
    You made me look like a pro:)

  13. I had no idea that there were comments on this cake. I posted the pic and then forgot all about it till now…Thank you all so much for the compliments! I’m so glad I was able to inspire you all! To answer the one question asked about how many cake mixes…it was two. There was cake mix left over. I made cupcakes with it. :)

  14. My youngest son it 10 today! Thank you for this awesome cake idea!! Great job!! Did everything the same except I did a “Mine Craft” design rather than the flames. LOVED LOVED LOVED! :)

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