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Coolest Skateboard Birthday Cake

This Lighting Bolt Skateboard Birthday Cake was made for my son’s 14th birthday.

To accommodate those who like chocolate cake and those who like white cake – we used both 1 white cake 9 x 13 and 1 chocolate round cake – 9 inch.

Cooked the cakes the night before and put in the fridge, allowed for better trimming and cutting of the cakes when putting it together. Cut the round cake in half and put it on each end of the white rectangle cake. Trimmed the white rectangle cake on the sides to make it slightly curved.

I used chocolate donuts as the wheels (had to use a knife and twist in the center of the donuts to make the hole a little bigger). Used Nerd rope candy as the axle, connecting the donuts.

I bought store pre-made Happy Birthday candy in the bakery aisles. Colored the icing with food coloring, spread the darker color first and fill in with the lighter color.

Celebrate a great birthday and enjoy your cake.

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  1. this one takes the cake i have made his cakes since he was born and this one is perfect . I’ll let you know in may how it turns out


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