Philadelphia Teams Sports Theme Cake

Philadelphia Teams Sports Theme Cake

Okay, so Philadelphia sports teams may be having a rough couple years, but who doesn’t still love an awesome birthday sports theme cake, including all of our favorite teams and of course, a beer on top. :) Here’s some info on how I made the cake and all the details! Philadelphia Teams Sports Theme Cake … Read more

Coolest King Of Sports Theme Cake

Coolest King Of Sports Theme Cake

For this sports theme cake I baked sponge cake and iced it with vanilla buttercream. I covered the cake with fondant, but I airbrushed the bottom cake with black before doing so.  I covered some spaces in order to make black and white stripes as I airbrushed and let it dry. For the crown, I first … Read more

Cool Dirty Gym Socks Birthday Cake

Cool Dirty Gym Socks Birthday Cake

When asked to make a birthday cake for my friend’s 10 year old boy, I was so scared!! Having two young girls, and only older nephews, I had to scramble for ideas. I was clicking through photos on my friend’s Facebook page, and alas! The boy plays basketball!  We got a Basketball Jones!! ha ha . First … Read more

Cool Homemade Sports Balls Cake

Sports Ball Cake

I got the sports ball cake pan and made three to put on the sheet cake. I decorated the 3 balls separately then put them on the sheet cake. Turned out pretty good except I think next time I will use cardboard under each of the balls to make it easier to place on the … Read more

Coolest Soccer Ball Cake

Soccer Ball Cake

I used the Wilton soccer ball cake mold for this. The grass is made out of coconut dyed with green food coloring. The banner and the jersey I made out of fondant and let dry and harden and then laid on the grass afterwards. For the icing I used a plain white and then dyed … Read more

Coolest Sports Theme Cake

Homemade Sports Theme Cake

I made this sports theme cake for my nephew’s 1st birthday party. His mom wanted the theme to be the same as the party plates, cups and napkins. I had the napkin blown up to fit the cake and I traced it then filled it in with the same colors. Hope you like it.

Coolest Sports Birthday Cake

Homemade Sports Birthday Cake

My grandson Alize’ requested a cake for his birthday that would have a football, basketball and a baseball on it as he plays all three sports and he wanted to invite many of his teammates. So I created this Sports Birthday Cake. The bottom is a two layer sheet with strawberry cake and filled with … Read more

Coolest Sports Cake Design

Homemade Sports Cake Design

This Sports Cake Design was for a teenage boy who actually wanted brownies instead of cake. I used 2 boxes of dark chocolate brownie mix and prepared as per the directions, poured the batter into my large circle pan and baked as directed. I used canned whipped cream frosting and dyed it with Wilton colors. … Read more

Coolest 1st Sports Ball Birthday Cake

Homemade 1st Sports Ball Birthday Cake

For my youngest son’s first birthday, I knew I had to make a cake that had something to do with SPORTS, specifically a ball. He loves all balls and is constantly throwing and playing with any ball that he spies and he loves playing ball with his older brother. I have the Wilton Cake Ball … Read more

Coolest Homemade Sports Ball Cakes 0

For these sports ball cakes, I transferred separate sport images and filled in with warm marshmallow cream! Just microwave the marshmallows to keep warm and easy to flow out of parchment cones or bags.

Coolest Homemade Sports Ball Cakes 1

For my sons 1st birthday party, I made these sports ball cakes. He absolutely LOVED playing with balls, but not any particular one, so I thought I would use several different kinds. I used the round sports ball cake pan and made 3 half balls and placed them on top of a larger cake. Using … Read more

Coolest Homemade Sports Ball Cakes 2

For my son, Braydens, first birthday I made a baseball bat and ball birthday cake, so this year I wanted to stay in the same theme, but I wanted to do something different. So I came up with the idea of baseball and soccer ball cakes, along with a hockey puck cake. For the hockey … Read more