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Philadelphia Teams Sports Theme Cake

Okay, so Philadelphia sports teams may be having a rough couple years, but who doesn’t still love an awesome birthday sports theme cake, including all of our favorite teams and of course, a beer on top. :)

Here’s some info on how I made the cake and all the details!

Philadelphia Teams Sports Theme Cake Details

  • The bottom Phillies themed cake is a 10 inch round cake (two nice size layers tall).
  • The stripes are fondant and the baseballs on the sides are white chocolate.
  • The grass around the bottom of the tier is piped with the grass tip out of buttercream.
  • All of the team logos are printed onto edible icing sheets, cut out and placed on a piece of white fondant to give them a little dimension.
  • The middle tier is a one layer 6 inch round cake that I covered in black fondant to resemble a hockey puck.
  • The hockey stick and football are also made out of fondant.
  • I added the birthday boy’s name to the stick as well.
  • The top tier/beer mug is a 4 inch round cake. This was made with 4 layers of cake to get the height needed to look like a mug. If your cake bakes with a rounded top dont slice the top layer to make it flat. That little bit of a dome helps to give more height for your foam.
  • To keep this part stable and help with transporting it. I iced two of the layers (like you would a normal two layer cake).
  • I placed a few straws in the middle and then a piece of cardboard on top. Make sure this cardboard is the same size or slightly smaller then the cake itself.
  • I then placed the next two layers of cake on top and iced them as normal.
  • When done, I placed a wooden dowel thru the 4 layers for support. Basically, I supported the beer itself like you would support a tiered cake.
  • The handle was made out of fondant earlier in the week and left to dry. The stars and “30” are also made out of fondant.

This cake was definitely a lot of fun to make! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. AND better luck next year to all of our beloved sports teams here in Philly. :)