Coolest Golf Cakes and Lots of DIY Sports Cake Ideas

Take a look at these cool homemade Golf cakes shared with us by cake decorators from around the world. Along with the sports cake ideas here, you’ll also find loads DIY birthday cake-making ideas and how-to tips to inspire your next birthday cake project. Enjoy!

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Latest Golf Cakes

Featured Golf and Sports Cake Ideas

Golf Sports Cake by Livia R, Newnan, GA

Coolest Golf Sports Cake Ideas and Decorating Tips

This is one of three cakes I made for a man retiring. I also made the golf course and when they set them up this sports cake was put on top of the course. It is the Wiltons 3-d cruiser pan then I shaved off the top and rounded the front. I made homemade marshmallow fondant for the top of the golf cart and the seats. I then made golf clubs out of sucker sticks and grey fondant. The golf bags are also fondant.

They did not cut this one; he took it home for his entire family to see. It was not that hard to make however it took about six hours over two days to get it all together.

Awesome Golf Course Cake

Golf Sports Cake by Heart F., Wilmington, NC

Golf Sports Cake

This was my second cake with some help from my husband for his father’s 51st birthday. We used boxed cake mixes and store bought frosting and connected two square cakes to make the golf green. I made two batches of marshmallow fondant which I rolled out to cover the entire cake after icing it and scooping out trenches for the sandpit and pond. I used the extra cake to form hills around the putting green.

On top of the main layer of fondant we cut out layers of fondant to create the other features. I filled the lake with blue buttercream icing after we used spray color to color the fondant and create stripes in the green to make it look as if it had just been mowed. We filled the sandpit with brown sugar and surrounded the sides of the cake with circles of fondant made to look like golf balls. To do this I rolled a new golf ball over the fondant before cutting it with a shot glass.

Finally with a food safe marker we wrote happy 51st birthday on the golf balls lining the cake. The flag is made of fondant attached to a toothpick and the trees are shaped fondant brushed with green gel food coloring.

This golf sports cake was a huge hit!

Cool Golf Ball Sports Cake

Golf Sports Cake by Sylvia B., Scottsville, NY

Golf Sports Cake

I baked a 9×13 square cake for this sports cake. I frosted it a light green color. Then, I made the green darker for the grass effect. I made the hole out of black frosting and the ball out of white fondant using the back end of a small make up brush to put the holes in the golf ball. I used lollipop sticks for the poles of the flags and different color fondant to make the flags. It was a big hit!

Easy Homemade Cake

Golf Sports Cake by Maria T., Cedar Rapids, IA

Golf Sports Cake

I baked a basic sheet cake and then pre frosted the whole thing in white. I then outlined where I wanted the green water, hazard and sand trap and then frosted using a Wiltons star tip them in the right colors. Finally I dotted on a little white for the golf ball.

I got the idea for this sports cake on this website! Thanks!

Cool Wilton Sports Ball Cake

Golf Sports Cake by Lindsey W., Victoria, BC

Golf Sports Cake

I made this sports cake from two pan sets: The Wilton sports ball and a standard 9 x 13″ rectangular pan. The total cake required two boxed cake mixes. First I made the cakes and then carved the rectangular one to resemble a fairway: take a curved slice out of one side and arrange the piece against the end etc.

Frosting the whole cake was hell because of the crumbs created from cutting away at the square cake. Also the Sports Ball cake was frustrating to frost but worth it in the end! Oh and did I mention that for the entire cake I used Duncan Hines frosting in a can (regular vanilla for the fairway and creamy style cream cheese icing for the gold ball). I got fed up making my own buttercream as I had made three batches the week before.

The golf ball dimples were made with the rounded tip of 1/4″ doweling, a very easy technique with nice results. Sand trap is tinted coconut and yellow cake sparkles. The writing was done with Wiltons tip #3. Tip 16, stars of icing tinted Kelly green make the “rough” and icing tinted with less Kelly Green makes the fairway.

Fun Homemade Cake

Cake by Debbie A., Deer Lake, NL, Canada

Golf Sports Cake

This is a sports cake that I made for my nephew. He is 16 years old and an avid golfer. I baked it in a 9 x 13 pan and when the cake cooled I iced the entire cake with butter cream icing which I had tinted green. Then, I proceeded to form the “green” and the “pond”. I used a different shade of green for the rough, which was formed with a tip that has a number of small holes that can be used for making grass, fur, etc.. The flag was a Canada flag that I cut down and marked #16 on it which signified the hole and his age. The golf ball is a little round white candy.

Cool Birthday Cake Idea

Golf Sports Cake by Candace C., Moose Jaw, SK

Golf Sports Cake

I made this sports cake for my boss’ 40th birthday. I used two 8 x 13 cakes side by side. Then, I dug out the sand traps before applying the first thin layer of icing. On a piece of paper I outlined the layout of the hole, cut it out and traced the outline on the cake then iced it with a lighter green in a smooth layer.

I then piped the darker green leaving a few places for water traps (which I used blue gel-tubed icing.) The sand traps are filled with graham crumbs, the trees are simply paper rolled in to cones and then piped with more icing. Shrubs are piped blobs of icing.

The golf kit came from a craft store. Although this can be made for any golf fan’s birthday – the “Fore Tee” is fitting for a 40th birthday. After taking this picture I tweaked the cake by making a tee sign out of paper and coffee sticks.

Incredible Golf Ball Cake

Golf Sports Cake by David S., North Pole, AK

Golf Sports Cake

I got the idea for a sports cake from one of our friend’s who’s a professional cake maker. The cakes are round cakes cut in half and iced together. I purchased a grass welcome mat for decoration.

The golf clubs are wooden dowels and fondant for the handle and ends. Once they were dried (approx 1 day) I painted them with paint. The tee’s are also made from fondant. The balls are real. The icing is butter cream. I should have used fondant but back then I didn’t know how to put it on cakes. Once the cake is iced I wrapped the ends of the clubs with plastic and foil to insert them in the cake. (I didn’t want the paint to come in contact with the cakes).

Amazing Golf Cake

Golf Sports Cake by Charlene H., Mt Druitt, NSW

Golf Sports Cake

I used a square cake and cut the main bag to size. With the extra cake I cut out the two pockets and put them on the side of the cake using some frosting to stick them in place. I then frosted the whole cake with the icing so that the fondant icing would stick nicely.

I rolled out the fondant icing about 7cm larger than the actual cake to make sure all the sides got covered. Then I cut off the excess once placed on cake. I smoothed out the cake and then added the zipper and coverings. I made the golf clubs out of fondant icing and then painted them silver with a special dust from the cake shop. My husband is really into golf and he loved his sports cake.

Cool 40th Birthday Cake

Golf Sports Cake by Lisa M., Audubon, PA

Golf Sports Cake

For this sports cake I made a two layer 1/2 sheet cake made from a basic pound cake recipe, and Chocolate chip recipe. I filled the middle with butter cream icing.

I then iced the top in green butter cream icing; crushed shortbread cookies to make the sand pit and blue icing to make the water hole. I took a tip that makes grass effect and did that all around the edges. Finally, I added the figures and golf balls on top.

This was a pretty easy cake to make, but beware of the green food coloring. It got on everything!!

Fabulous Fondant Covered Cake

Golf Sports Cake by Breanna K., Gilbert, AZ

Golf Sports Cake

I made this sports cake for my Dad’s birthday this year. He is a golf nut so I thought this would be fun. I got the basic idea out of a book and made it my own by adding a different tee and grass. It was made of two 8” chocolate cakes covered with chocolate frosting. I rolled out the fondant a little thicker than normal so it would have room to give for the indents.

Once the fondant was positioned on top of the cake I used the end of my cake leveler to make indents to look like a golf ball. Next I formed a tee out of yellow fondant and cut strips of green for the grass. Last, I cut out the letters for his name and put them on top. This was my 3rd attempt at a cake and it was by far the easiest and most fun!

Fun Wilton Sports Ball Cake

Golf Sports Cake by Lindsay R., Three Oaks, MI

Golf Sports Cake

I made this golf sports cake for my friend Zaq’s birthday party. Firstly, I used Wilton’s sports ball cake pan to make two halves of the golf ball. In order to hold the two halves together, I used buttercream frosting. Then I made a separate square cake for the green. I frosted the green to look like it had grass on it and then I crushed up Oreo cookies to make the dirt along the sides of the cake.

The golf ball was frosted with white buttercream. I used a plastic cake tool to make the golf balls indentations. Lastly I used skewers with a paper flag on it to hold the sports cake together.

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