Coolest Surfing Birthday Cake Decorations

Coolest Surfing Birthday Cake Decorations

I made this cake for my four year old’s “Surfer party” at our local pool. I started with 30 cupcakes (15 chocolate 15 white) and arranged them in off-set rows. The birthday cake decorations are as follows. The “sand” side is tan frosting smoothed over the cupcakes topped with graham cracker crumbs. The “water” is … Read more

Riding the Tube with Minions Figure Cake

Riding the Tube with Minions Figure Cake

I was asked to create a cake for a surfing fanatic that included a surfing figure, Minions figures and waves. After a bit of head scratching, and a little help from Youtube, I came up with my theory in my head. I realised that a little bit of engineering was required to create the waves. … Read more

Cool Surfs Up Birthday Cake

Cool Surfs Up Birthday Cake

As a self taught cake decorator I find every cake to be a challenge. This surf cake was made for a 40th and I had no idea where to start but as I was baking it started to come to me. I made the wave with coco pops and marshmallow and the cake was a choc mud … Read more

Baby Welcoming Surfing Cake

This surfing cake was made to welcome a new baby to my friends who love the beach, Hawaii, and surfing.  I usually just do two cakes a year, one birthday for each of my kids, but I make occasional exceptions, like this one.  The best part is that mammoth wave.  Hang Ten dudes!   It was … Read more

Coolest Surf Up Birthday Cake

I loved making this cake, my son Jack has just started surfing and he is loving it. We booked a handful of his friends into the local surf school and then came the challenge, he wanted a “wave cake with him riding it!” . I love the way that our kids think we can do … Read more

Surf’s Up Cake For A Beach Lover!

Surf's Up Cake For A Beach Lover!

This is a double layer sheet cake. I crumb coated it then went back with a layer of white frosting. I cut the “cookies” in different lengths to represent a beach fence and glued them to the side of the cake with additional frosting where necessary. I did learn however, that this should be your last step … Read more

Coolest Homemade Surfing Birthday Cake Decorations 1

For this surfing cake, the huge wave was made out of gum tex that is let dry over a bottle. You can pick it up at your local craft store in the cake decorating section. The birthday cake decorations: surfer, towels, feet, and shark are fondant. The tree is a pretzel rod.

Coolest Wave Birthday Cake

Homemade Wave Birthday Cake

This Wave Birthday Cake was very fun to make but fiddley to ice. I baked one round cake and one rectangle sheet cake. To be a little more creative I made the batter half chocolate and half vanilla and swirled it through. I used a vanilla frosting and iced half the rectangle cake and put … Read more

Coolest Homemade Surfing Birthday Cake Decorations 2

I made this surfboard cake for a graduation party. Five kids from our church were all graduating from high school and going away to college at Point Loma. We had a great beach party for them to celebrate. One of the kids was my nephew. I had Brenton find a picture of a surfboard on … Read more

Coolest Surfing Birthday Party Cake

Homemade Surfing Birthday Party Cake

This Surfing birthday party cake was my first real cake for my son’s 5th birthday. The party was a surf theme so we made some life-size painting of surf boards for our humble abode, had 40+ people over, and I made this out of 3 Betty Crocker ‘super-moist’ boxes of cake mix, chocolate, yellow and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Surfing Birthday Cake Decorations 3

This cake was for a birthday party with a Hawaiian surfer theme. It is two 11×15 layers of chocolate cake and a thin layer of buttercream frosting covered in crushed vanilla wafers (sand). I simply ran thru my food processor and pressed into the frosting. The wave is a block of Styrofoam; I carved it … Read more

Surfing Cake

Surfing Cake

This was a cake I did for my son Max’s 7th birthday. The large wave is actually styrofoam covered in frosting, as there was no way I could get cake to stay up so high without it falling over! All other elements are made of gumpaste or rolled fondant and are edible. The little boy … Read more