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Coolest Surf Up Birthday Cake

I loved making this cake, my son Jack has just started surfing and he is loving it. We booked a handful of his friends into the local surf school and then came the challenge, he wanted a “wave cake with him riding it!” . I love the way that our kids think we can do anything.

So began the challenge: I rolled a piece of fondant the week before over a bottle of champagne for 3 days and let it dry hard. I made the surf board at the same time and that was the hard part. This cake turned out to be one of the easiest.

I baked a square base and covered it with a combination on blue shades of butter icing, then I cut a slit on the one side and buried the one side of the wave. To incorporate the wave so that it looked like it was coming out of the cake I smeared the icing onto the wave. The froth of the wave was added with a pipping bag.

To add Jack to the wave I cut out a picture of him in his wet-suit and stuck the image in reverse on the opposite side. Loads of sparkle glitter and a shark fin and it was complete – he loved it!

I have included a video of him surfing 7 month later and he is doing so well.

In the barrel

Riding the wave

Jack and his cake