30+ Coolest Homemade Circus Clown Cakes

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Cake by Kim S., Fresno, CA

Coolest Circus Clown Cakes

I made this circus clown cake by baking 58 cupcakes. I sliced the top of each one to make them flat. Then I arranged them in the shape of a hat and clown face with a collar! I used Wilton spray color on parts of it and decorated it colorful and festive for a circus party!

Cake by Debbie F., Lake Worth, FL

Circus Clown Cake

This circus clown cake is peanut free, dairy free and egg free cake. It was also delicious! We used non dairy buttercream, the Wilton recipe with out the meringue powder. I used the Star tip to make the clowns and the border. On the sides I used candies by Nothin’ Nutty, they are similar to M&Ms’ but safe for peanut allergies.

Cake by Farheen B., Cincinnati, OH

Circus Clown Cake

For this circus clown cake make a 6 or 7 inch round chocolate flavor cake with chocolate butter cream icing. For the clowns: use tip 21 in upright position and pipe out icing generously to make the body. Then insert tip in the front base of body and draw the icing straight out for legs. Similarly insert tip at shoulder squeeze and draw the tip down for hands. Make buttons, hands and legs with tip 3 icing. Add the clown head on top of the body.

Cake by Sue M., Arlington, VA

Circus Clown Cake

My husband and I find it fun to decorate cakes, but we’re not math wizards and to get this circus clown hat cake up we did break out some geometry.

I baked 4 round layer cakes and cut them in half, then sized 11 progressively smaller circles, cut them out and stacked them with buttercream. After icing the whole thing with buttercream, we rolled and colored fondant, wrapped it then cut out circles to decorate. Ribbon and a candle finished it out.

I put a long BBQ skewer in the middle to avoid waking up the next morning to a fallen dome…

Circus Clown Cake

Cake by Jamie R., Scott, LA

Circus Clown Cake

I was taking a cake decorating class and made this circus clown cake for my family. The icing I used for the cake is butter cream. The tips I used for the clown’s body was 21 and 3.

I bought the head of the clowns at a craft store in the cake decorating section. The cake was surprisingly simple.

Cake by Chris R., West Newbury, MA

Circus Clown Cake

For my 1-year-old daughter’s 1st birthday, we had a circus clown party. I decided to make a circus clown face cake. I used white cake mix and made 1 round cake and 1 square cake from the mix.

The circle was the face, and we cut the square into pieces to make the triangle hat, triangle bow tie and the extra pieces for the hair. I decorated it using canned frosting all over the cake as a base. I colored with Wilton decorator frosting and made the outlines, hair, eyes, nose and mouth. I put colored sprinkles on the hat and bow tie for a circus clown confetti look.

This circus clown cake was easy to do and the easiest, best original cake I’ve made so far.

Cake by Rachel S., Granite Falls, NC

Circus Clown Cake

I made this Circus clown cake for a circus party. I should mention that I am a clown and also entertained at the party. I thought it would be appropriate for a clown to bring a clown party cake!

I used 2 Duncan Hines yellow cake mixes. I baked the party cake in two 6-inch pans and two 8-inch pans. After cooling, I leveled each cake and frosted each layer with white butter cream frosting. I put the 8-in. layers together and the 6-in. layers together.

I made butter cream frosting and divided it into 4 bowls and colored it red, green, blue and yellow. I inserted dowels and pillars into the 8-in. cake. I used a star tip and piped clown bodies on each layer and inserted a clown head.

I piped big dots as a border at the bottom and smaller dots on the top. For the 6-in. layer, I inserted two balloon bunches and piped a clown in between. I used the same borders as the 8-in.

Once I arrived at the party, I just had to put the 6-in. cake on top of the pillars and we were ready to go. This Circus clown cake was a big hit with all the kids. The birthday girl’s friends all want circus parties now!

Cake by Miriam R., Paterson, NJ

Circus Clown Cake

For this cake I just used Wilton’s clown pan and went crazy with the colors!

Cake by Rebecca N., Wake Village, TX

Circus Clown Cake

I prepared this Circus clown cake by making a 10-inch round cake for the bottom tier. The top tier was baked in a Pampered Chef Small Batter Bowl. I piped the clown body with a star tip and used a clown head you can get at any craft store. I got the idea for the cake out of a Wilton cake book. It was for my 3rd sons 1st birthday. He got to have the top tier all to himself and he loved it!