Coolest Twin Clowns Cake

I wanted to attempt a tiered cake for the ‘carnival’ themed birthday of my twins.

I made the 2 10″ cakes using 2 boxes of BC’s vanilla cake mix. And the filling for this layer was strawberry jam.

The 8″ and 6″ tiers were BC’s dark chocolate fudge cake with mocha-chocolate mousse filling between them. After assembling the tiers, I placed them on foiled covered bases and covered each with buttercream frosting. Then I inserted dowels in the 8″ and 10″ cake.

I used MMF to cover the cakes and placed each cake at a height (like coffee can) so the MMF draped smoothly. The remaining fondant was used to make the cut outs and design.

The scraps of cake while leveling the layers was mixed with buttercream to make 2 spheres, which I covered with fondant for the clown heads and used reaming fondant for ruffle and nose.

The final creation of this Twin Clowns Cake was a labor of love but totally worth it!

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