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Completely Edible Wizard of OZ Cake

I have always loved the Wizard of Oz and my kids do as well.  Soo, when my daughter said she wanted a Wizard of Oz cake I was excited to give it a go.  I purchased the figurines on line on eBay. Aside from the figures I wanted the cake to be completely edible.

I decided to give marshmallow fondant a try this year and I think it went OK for my first time but the stuff can be tricky.

This cake took me a long time and I did it in steps.  I made the corn stalks out of fondant and let them dry.  The trees are made from heavy grape stems that I dipped in chocolate and then rolled in green rice crisipies that I colored (note: they took a long time to dry, they dripped and make sure the stem is long enough to push into the cake). The fence is pretzels that I glued with chocolate.

The house and castle are made out of angel cake that I shaped and frosted. The castle became heavy towards the end. I seriously needed a cake twice the size but I didn’t€™t have enough fondant.  The witch’€™s legs are candles and the shoes I bought and then dipped in glitter.  The yellow brick road is fondant pressed with a brick mold.

I think everything else you can see is made out of candy.  There were a lot of wooden toothpicks and skewers used on the cake.

My daughter loved it and the adults were far more impressed than the kids although everyone thought it was cool.  Now that I know some tricks I am sure I could do it in half the time but for the first time working with fondant, it was a challenge.

If anyone needs some figurines for a cake, let me know, getting all of them together can be a challenge and/or expensive.

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