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Coolest Wizard of Oz/Yellow Brick Road Cake

Our daughter wanted a “Wizard of Oz” party for her 4th birthday. Dorothy is one of my all time favorite characters, so I was happy to oblige! Creating this Homemade Wizard of Oz/Yellow Brick Road Cake was a lot of fun. I was inspired by several others on this site, and combined my favorite features into this cake. This was my first cake using fondant, which was an adventure! I used a marshmallow fondant recipe for the green grass and yellow brick road so it would taste better. The fondant for the other elements was Wilton fondant purchased pre-made from a craft store.

I tackled this cake in pieces. About a week in advance, I made the rainbow by rolling out each color, piecing them together (bonding slightly with water using a paintbrush), and sliding four long wooden skewers into the piece.I also cut out the poppy flowers, slightly curving the edges of each, and hand formed the ruby slippers. Once the rainbow and slippers were dry, I lightly brushed on some shimmer dust. It added just the right amount of sparkle! I also mixed up the marshmallow fondant in advance. It is very sticky, but not difficult to make.

I found the candy sticks for the Emerald City at Cracker Barrel, and fused them together with a small amount of water using a paintbrush. I also bonded in a few wooden skewers to sink into the cake.

The pattern on the yellow brick road was made by lightly scoring the yellow fondant with a pizza cutter. I filled the centers of the poppies at the last minute because I didn’t want to risk the black gel icing ruining the flowers. A few days later, those left over were fine and had not bled, so I could have done that step in advance.

This cake took many hours, but was a fun project to work on. The most challenging part was getting the marshmallow fondant the right color. Mixing in the green and yellow food coloring took a lot longer than I thought!

Most importantly, my daughter and her friends LOVED the cake!

Homemade Wizard of Oz/Yellow Brick Road Cake

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  1. This was my favorite “Wizard of Oz” cake I found. I used it as inspiration for mine (#27!). :) I LOVE the candy stick Emerald City and will try that one next time if I ever make it again (I wanted a bigger city, so I went with rock candy, though I wasn’t thrilled with the end product.) Beautiful job!


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