Coolest Wizard of Oz Cake

This Homemade Wizard of Oz Cake was for my daughter’s 6th birthday. She was really into The Wizard of Oz, and she wanted a theme cake.

I started off by baking two 9×13 cakes (one confetti, and one strawberry). I filled both bakes with vanilla buttercream and placed them side by side on a cake board. I then crumb-coated and frosted, with grass green buttercream to make one 18×13 cake.

I created a 3-D rainbow out of rice krispy treats and covered it with fondant in the colors of the rainbow, making the top and underneath white. I put dowels in the two ends of the rainbow so that I could stand it up on the cake when finished. The yellow brick road was made out of yellow colored fondant that I rolled out, cut to the shape that I wanted, and scored to replicate the bricks. This was then laid across the cake as seen in the pictures.

For the “field of poppies” at Emerald City, I used a star tip and placed them in clusters. The top and bottom borders were made using an old technique that my mother showed me when she made cakes. I took a pastry bag and used a toothpick to “paint” stripes of rainbow colors on the inside of the bag using food coloring; then filled the bag with white buttercream. I then piped a shell pattern rotating the pastry bag slightly on each shell. This created the rainbow effect seen.

Once the decorating was finished, I placed the rainbow onto the cake at the begining of the bricks, and added cut-outs of the main characters coming through the rainbow. A cut-out of Emerald City was place at the end of the road, and the witch was put on top of the rainbow.

My daughter and her friends loved the cake.

Homemade Wizard of Oz Cake

Homemade Wizard of Oz Cake

Homemade Wizard of Oz Cake

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  1. Just letting you know this cake came out great! My daughter wants a wizard of oz theme and I’ve been looking for a cake and honestly this is the best one I’ve seen!!!! Great job :-)


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