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Coolest Wizard of Oz Cake Design

My daughter became an instant fan of The Wizard of Oz after watching the movie for the first time. So for her 5th birthday she wanted a Wizard of Oz Cake Design. I decided to create Dorothy and her friends walking along the Yellow Brick Road on their way to the Emerald City.

I began with a 12 inch round and 2 layers of 9 inch rounds in front of it. Frosted in green, then embellished them with green frosting. Using a plastic Castle Cake set I stood plastic turrets accented with green frosting and sugar around the outside. On top of the front of the cake was the entrance to the castle. A pop-out character topper was added to the top of the back layers of cake to look like they were walking toward the castle.

Using yellow round chocolate pellets, I created a yellow brick road starting at the characters feet around both sides of the cake to the front entrance of the Emerald City. Yellow jel tube frosting was used in between the pellets as mortar for the yellow brick road.

The cake was a hit with everyone at the party especially the kids. They were in awe of the yellow brick road and enjoyed picking it apart and eating it!


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