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Coolest Wizard of Oz Rainbow Cake

I made this Wizard of Oz Rainbow Cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She chose a Wizard of Oz theme for her birthday party, so I made a white cake but colored the batter six different colors of the rainbow and layered them before baking it. (I used Wilton’s icing colors because they’re more concentrated and brighter than food coloring). In between the layers, I put raspberries and buttercream frosting.

The frosting was buttercream that I colored green, but used a green food spray to add some depth to it. A few days ahead of time, I made the poppies out of red fondant and black writing gel, and the Emerald City out of green fondant (large craft sticks are through each part of the Emerald City so as to secure it in the cake). Then, I rolled out a yellow brick road from yellow fondant, and drew in the brick design by hand with a toothpick. The Yellow Brick Road and the Emerald City are both dusted with edible sparkle dust.

At Target, I found three Wizard of Oz magnets that were perfect to add to the cake. I taped craft sticks to the back of each magnet to anchor them into the cake.

My daughter loved it! And, while it’s not as perfect looking as it would have been with all fondant, the buttercream frosting tasted much better!

Wizard of Oz Rainbow Cake

Wizard of Oz Rainbow Cake

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  1. I’m having a Wizard Of OZ costume party for my 30th birthday and was trying to find cake ideas for my cake person to do and came across your cake. I love the finished product. Did you use the magnets for the people? But what I really LOVE is the rainbow cake itself. So creative!


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