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Cake by Denise R., Erin, TN

Coolest Computer Cake Photos and How-To Tips

This computer cake took a little added love. I now have bragging rights for a year because I gave a laptop to my friend for her birthday! Using a Duncan Hines mix I baked a 13×9 inch cake. While the cake was in the oven I melted a bag of white chocolate candies. These were then spread onto a cookie sheet and refrigerated.

After the cake cooled and was ready to be iced I released the big sheet of chocolate. (Be sure to give yourself enough time when making this…in case like me your chocolate sheet breaks and you have to remelt it and start over.) I melted a layer of chocolate against the back side of the cake and onto the cake plate. I held the sheet in place at this spot till it set enough to stand on its own.

I then iced the computer cake and the chocolate. I cut a square of wax paper and lay against the middle of the chocolate to keep part of the icing white. Then airbrushed the entire thing black. I went back over with white and piped the buttons. (As my husband pointed out…I didn’t follow through with detail on the buttons. But when there is imminent threat of a two year old and falling sheets of chocolate….some things are left to go undone.)

I then went to my computer and printed off a picture of my friend and just before giving her the cake glued it on the respective part of the screen using a small line of icing around the back edges. (***Printer ink is not edible….please use caution when dealing with food. I used thick photo paper and only had it on a minimal amount of time.)

Cake by Ashley F., Manassas, VA

Computer Cake Photo

I made this cake for my dad a few years ago. He absolutely loves computers!

I ended up using several boxes of cake mix to make it life-size. I carved out the monitor using a large knife and used a toothpick to carve out the keys on the keyboard. I also used a bread loaf pan to use as the shape of the keyboard. My Dad loved the cake and it took us almost a week to finish it!

Computer Cake Photo