Coolest Computer Cake

I finished this ICarly Computer Cake yesterday for my friend’s daughter who loves ICarly. I am just starting out using fondant so bear with me. The bottom pink layer is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing. The laptop is a vanilla cake with a silver fondant cover. I used black MMF (all homemade because it tastes better) for the keys and cut them out with a square fondant cutter.

The screen is a piece of foam board that I cut and covered with the silver fondant. I used a dark buttercream icing on the front and then free handed the ICarly logo on top of that. I was planning to put a sugar picture on the front but I had ordered it and it did not arrive on time. That would have looked really cool and it’s an idea if you want to do something like this cake.

5 thoughts on “Coolest Computer Cake”

  1. Good idea !!! My granddaughter informed me that she wanted an I Carly cake for her 6th birthday so I was trying to get some ideas. That one isn’t so easy to think of something fun to do, I might add some flowers on it also.

  2. eBay has a ton of edible images to put on a cake. Also if you check your local party store (good luck on that one. Two around here and neither have icarly yet) online they sell a topper with a plastic picture of Carly and Sam along with a little mouse that turns into a backpack clip.


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