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Cool Basketball Cake

This is a basketball cake that I made for my husband’s birthday. He loves the Iowa Hawkeyes, college basketball. We always do fun birthday parties for every person in our family right down to a fun cake made by me.  This is a very simple cake to do and you can display it on a pan wrapped in wrapping paper by any sports team that you like to go with your theme.

This was for an Iowa Hawkeye party. I just baked two round cakes with frosting in the center (double layer cake). I just frosted using tip 16 with orange frosting following with black for the lines on the basketball. I wanted it to look like it was going through the hoop, so I decorated it with the net all along the sides.

It was fun and everyone enjoyed it, especially my two boys. My husband and my two boys are always cheering me on for my cakes.

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