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Cool Elegant Pregnant Belly Cake

I made this pregnant belly cake for a friend whose daughter was having a boy and she is an elegant and sophisticated girl. I made the cake out of Pillsbury confetti cake mix and added a little extra to it to make it moist.  I made the cakes the day before to ensure it was completely cool before icing it.

I used the Wilton soccer pan for the belly and two anchor dishes for the tatas.  After the cakes were cooled, over night, I iced the cakes with butter cream icing.  It was a thin layer to ensure the fondant stayed in place and the icing needs to be smoothed out as to not make bumps in the fondant.  I used Wilton blue fondant and rolled the fondant on a mat for design and then outlined it with butter cream icing which I made chocolate by adding Nestle Quick powder to it.

It was the first time I ever worked with fondant, hope you all enjoy.

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