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Coolest Pregnant Belly Cake

This Pregnant Belly Cake was my first attempt at a pregnant belly cake and my first time working with fondant and after doing quite a bit of research online I set out to make this cake. I used the Wilton Sports Ball Pans for the breasts and a 12″ x 2″ round (2 layers) with the top layer carved to make it look like a belly. In between the layers I filled with buttercream.

This cake is very big, will feed quite a few people. I covered the cake first with white buttercream and made homemade marshmallow fondant (blue – it takes 2 recipes to cover this cake, but you’ll have some left over) and used the pre-made Wilton brown fondant for the bow and flowers as it is very hard to get dark colours. Around the top of the cake I put a blue band (should have been brown, but it was my first time, what did I know, I was just happy to get the fondant on it) and I used a 21 star tip to pipe around the sides from one side of the bow to the other.

Coolest Pregnant Belly Cake

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