This was my very first pregnant belly cake. I was nervous but I had faith. I was making this cake as a gift for my neighbor. She was having a baby shower and this was the perfect opportunity for me to make the cake I always wanted made for me. All I was told was the name of the baby, which is Lily, and that the mom to be hates Pink. She is not a girly girl.

After searching for hours, I could not find anything that popped out and screamed PICK ME. So I just went with it. I first bought some glass bakewear bowls that were close to the right shape and size I needed. I knew I could carve the cakes to make it right. With fingers crossed I made the cakes and started on my fondant. As my children watched and begged to help, I carefully began to put it together.

It took roughly 5 hours to complete and clean up. Which only gave me 30 minutes to take it next door. Cutting it close right. By the time I was finished I was more excited then my girls. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I loved it. It was just what I wanted. The best part was the reactions I received seconds after I posted it on Facebook. It was even shared.

I delivered it and was very pleased that mom-to-be and Grandma-to-be were amazed. The cake was so moist and delicious. I will never forget the comment I got from someone looking for something to pick at me for. After he stared at it for a few minutes he pointed out the very slight difference in the boob size. Without hesitation I pointed out that No woman has exactly the same size boobs thats what makes it so realistic. It was well worth seeing this mom-to-be so very pleased.