This pregnant belly cake was my first attempt at a baby shower cake.  Originally, the customer just wanted the belly cake, but I couldn’t make it big enough to serve the number of guests she was having, so we settled on a smaller belly cake for decoration and the larger 1/2 sheet cake for eating.  I used the mini wonder mold for the chest and a half circle round pan for the belly.

The base cake is 1-9″x13″ vanilla cake and 1-9″x13″ chocolate cake.  I positioned the belly cakes on a large cutting board.  I used Satin Ice Vanilla/White fondant and covered the belly and chest.  I made a small foot and placed it on the cake and then covered the whole thing in fondant.  I left some fondant hanging down for a ruffle of the “shirt”.  Once it was all decorated, I wrapped in tightly in cling wrap to keep it from drying out overnight as I wasn’t decorating the base cake until the next morning before the customer was to pick it up.

The next morning, I made up some white chocolate & raspberry frosting.  I did a crumb coat of frosting on the base cake and then took a large closed star tip and piped all the large rosettes.  I placed straw supports underneath where the belly cake would go.  I unwrapped the belly cake and placed it on the base cake where I wanted it.  The ruffle was still soft and conformed to the rosettes underneath it and gave it a very nice finishing look.

To finish off the cake, I placed some small white sugar pearls on the rosettes and placed some fondant flowers I made the night before to help tie the two cakes together.